The religious attraction of Mount Abu, Shankar Math Shivling is a popular religious site. Mount Abu is a popular hill station. And, also a famous pilgrimage site mentioned in the Puranas. The city has many beautiful temples and shrines, and one such example is the Shankar Math Shivling Temple.

Shankar Math Shivling Mount Abu
A shivling in Mount Abu

History of Shankar Math Mount Abu

It is a religious center dedicated to the supreme lord, Shiv Shankar. And, the popularity of this place surpasses all regional boundaries. This attraction is among the best Places For Visit in Mount Abu.

Information About Shankar Math Shivling

People from all over the world visit this place to see the enormous Shivling within the temple. It is a gigantic monolith made of black marble stone which resembles the dreadlocks of Lord Shiva. And, the devotees of lord shiva believe that it manifests the third eye of Lord Shankar.

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Jyotirlinga in Maharashtra

This shivling has been carved on one piece of marble and is 9.5 feet tall and 7.5 feet wide. Tourists attract to the sheer size of this massive 27-ton Lingam.

Shankar Math is a prime pilgrimage center since its establishment. And, thousands of devotees and tourists visit this temple every day. Especially, during festivals like Shivaratri and Shravan Shukla Trayo Dashi, a large number of visitors comes here to pray lord shiva.

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What to Expect

There are many Pandits in this temple, and you can hear them constantly chanting the Vedic Mantras. Along with the spectacular Shiv Lingam, the temple compound also houses a lotus pond and a few Rudraksha trees. Therefore, Shankar Math is an ideal place for all those who are searching for consistency and peace in their lives. So, if you are ever in Mount Abu, you should definitely visit this place.

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