Jodhpur is a nice city in Rajasthan which shows some unique and attractive culture and Heritage. There are many places to visit in Jodhpur. More the time you have more places you can visit. 

Historical places give information about historical and some other places like lake may be worth visiting in this city.  Here’s a list of places to visit in Jodhpur based on Priority and most popularity of tourists.

Best Places to Visit In Jodhpur : 

  1. Mehrangarh Fort
  2. Jaswant Thada
  3. Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum
  4. Clock Tower
  5. Mandore Temples and Garden
  6.  Kaylana Lake
  7. Balsamand Lake

1. Mehrangarh Fort : 

This is a fort in Jodhpur located in almost mid of the city. This is one of the largest forts of India. It is surrounded by walls all over the city. The name Meharangarh came from Mihir + Garh. Here Mihir means Sun and Garh means Fort. an earlier name was Mihir Garh which was further changed to Mehrangarh. It was built 550 years ago on a hill.

                      This fort was made by a Ruler called Rao Jodha who belongs to Rathore clan of Marwar. Mandore was capital of Rathore clan but as it was not safe so Rao Jodha moved his capital to Jodhpur after he established Jodhpur. Marwar is an area which covers some cities of Rajasthan. This region is one of largest region of Rajasthan. Fort was made by Rao Jodha around 1459-60 AD. Foundation stone of this fort was kept by Karni Mata.

This fort gives wide landscape and aerial views of the city which are the most attractive part of this place.

Time to visit : 

Winter season is good. It will be the best time to visit this at 9-10 AM. as it opens at 9 AM so you have to visit this after 9. As Jodhpur is a hot place so this is much better to avoid visiting in the afternoon.

It will take around 2-3 hours to visit this fort. Though it depends but it can be less than this time. This may be a tiring experience so be prepared before going to this place.

Ticket : 

It will cost 100 Rs. for Indian tourist + 100 Rs. for Camera

Tip : 

  • Before visiting this take your breakfast as it may be tiring to visit this place.  
  • Follow the instructions to avoid using the camera at some places, as this is risky. 

 2. Jaswant Thada : 

       This is a Royal cenotaph (empty tomb, a stone monument in memory of a person) of Jodhpur Rathore Rulers who ruled in jodhpur or other parts of Marwar. This was made in memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh.

This is named on Name of a ruler of Jodhpur ” Jaswant Singh ” so it’s called Jaswant Thada. It was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh in 1899 ad. This was built in Memory of his father Jaswant Singh. There is a cremation ground nearby for royal families. 
      It is Mausoleum(a building housing a tomb) built with white sangmarmar stone. This is a thin layer of marble which glows and shines when sun rays are incident on it. 
There is a lake near to this cenotaph. You can enjoy some time in the garden at this place. This is a very nice location for taking selfies and photography. Mehrangarh fort can be seen from this and there are also some landscape views through this location.

Ticket :

The cost of the ticket is 30 Rs. for an Indian tourist.

 3. Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum : 

This is a museum on the name of a ruler “Umaid Singh” of Jodhpur. This was the residence of Royal family of Jodhpur. There also a hotel on one side of the palace and on another side there is a museum for Public. Museum has antiques and things which were used by royal families. 

Jodhpur, a state of Marwar was facing drought due to which farmers could not do farming which caused unemployment. Then the former ruler of Jodhpur ” Umaid Singh”  decided to build a palace so that unemployment can be reduced. The palace then built is called Ummed palace.

This palace was built by a british architect as the state was under British rule. Thus the design is indo-western architecture called Beaux-arts. This was made with Sandstone, Makrana marble, and some wooden finishing. 

About Palace : 

It is one of the Best Places of Jodhpur. This museum has many antiques and paintings. There is a collection of armor, shields, antique clock, and many other beautiful architectures. All these give a touch of history.
This palace can be viewed from Mehrangarh fort as it is located on a height from ground level. By visiting this museum you can know about the life of royal families and the way they lived.

Time to visit : 

It will take about an hour to visit this palace. Best time to visit this palace is afternoon or evening.

How to reach : 

You have to either book a taxi or hire an auto to reach here because no route auto or bus is available for this palace.

Ticket : 

Ticket for this museum is 30 Rs. for Indian Tourist.

4. Clock Tower : 

Clock Tower also is known as Ghanta Gar is located in the middle of the city. This is near to fort and market. There is a clock placed on top of a tower.

Attractions : 

  • Nearby Market – This is a cloth and household item market.
  • View of Mehrangarh Fort from the tower

Ticket : 

Ticket for visiting this tower is 10 Rs. You can go to the top and see a beautiful view of Jodhpur and fort from the top.

Time to visit : 

It will take half an hour to visit this place and it’s near to the city so it’s worth going here.

5. Mandore temples and Garden : 

Mandore is a town which is 9-10 km far from Jodhpur city. There are many temples built in mandore. These have beautiful architecture. It is surrounded by a garden which makes it a peaceful place to visit. Both Temples and cenotaphs of royal Rathore families are there in mandore. This is a must visit place in Jodhpur if you want to know history and heritage.

     Mandore was capital of Rathore clan of Jodhpur But due to foreign invasions Rao Jodha established Jodhpur and shifted capital to Jodhpur for security reasons. As it was capital of state so mandore was separated with thick walls to prevent the attack from an enemy.

Attractions : 

  • Garden – You can sit and relax in the garden near temples
  • Temples – temples and cenotaphs are there in mandore which shows some ancient architecture. 
  • Museum – It was closed when I visited as it was under maintenance. 

Time Taken : 

It will take about 2 hours to visit this place as there are many temples and cenotaphs here.

Hope you like this post. To know more about Jodhpur city you can visit Colors of Jodhpur

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