Adhar Devi Temple at Mount Abu is a popular pilgrimage site in the Sirohi district. This town has many religious centers, which attract tourists and devotees from distant parts of the world. One such famous holy site is the Adhar Devi Temple, which is a cave temple built on top of a natural cliff.

History of Adhar Devi Temple Mount Abu

The complex is also popular as “Arbuda Devi temple”. This is dedicated to the goddess Durga. It is believed that the goddess’s image was spotted hanging in mid-air; hence, it was given the name “Adhar Devi.”

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A bell in the temple

Information About Adhar Devi Temple

The Adhar Devi Temple is located among the beautiful mountains of the Aravalli Hills, and it is at a distance of 1.8 kilometers from Nakki Lake. And, just 3 kilometers from Mount Abu city center. Since the temple is located on a hilltop, the path to it offers a fun trekking trail.

What to Expect at Adhar Devi Temple

There are almost 350 steps to reach the top. And, it examines the spirit of everyone visiting this temple. The stairway is adorned with bells, and with their striking melody, devotees get the motivation to finish their climb.

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Once you are through with the 365 stairs carved into the hill, you will be fascinated to see the panoramic view of the entire Mount Abu town. Another element of surprise that awaits at the top is the entrance to the temple, which is a narrow cave opening.

It is restricted that every visitor has to crawl through it to reach the inner shrine. However, when you reach the temple, you will be astounded to see a space full of exquisite idols and priceless sculptures. Also, there is a sacred well near the temple, and its milky-colored water is believed to have heavenly powers.

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You can sense an aroma of purity within this space, and it gives a perfect atmosphere to meditate and rejuvenate one’s mind. You cannot miss this temple if you are looking for a fusion of spirituality, nature, and adventure in Mount Abu.

Timing to Visit This Temple

This temple is open from 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day, and during this time, people from all over the world visit this temple to have a unique experience. As the temple is located inside a cave, it remains cool even in the summer season.

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