Goa is a popular destination for travelers. It is famous for its beaches. There are many beaches in Goa. The popular beaches of this place are Calangute beach, Vagator Beach, Baga beach, and many more.

Indian tourists, as well as foreign tourists, visit this place. To spend a morning at a beach is an amazing experience. You can enjoy and relax lying on the beach. Peoples spend their holidays and honeymoon here.

Goa is the most beautiful place in India. It has a different culture compared to other places in India. This is only because of the atmosphere and local peoples.

The sunshine, sand, and the blowing air make this place an awesome destination to spend time with friends. Party lovers can visit clubs and bars in this state which are easily available here.

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Most Popular Goa Beach

Calangute Beach

Calangute is a town in north goa. It is a famous place for beach, and local markets. This beach attracts a lot of Indian and foreign tourists specially in month of December and January. Tourists visit this place for new year and Christmas eve celebration.

You can enjoy many activities at this beach. These activities are boating, water surfing and parasailing.

goa beach in india
Sunset View at A beach in goa

Anjuna Beach

This is another popular beach in goa known as paradise. It is a perfect spot for partying with friends. The palm trees along the seaside make it a great place.

Partying with loud music and drinks can make it a great holiday. However, the food in local restaurants is delicious. So, you must try the local food of this place.

Vagator Beach

When you will visit this place, then you can find that peoples are so friendly. It lies along the chapora river which has amazing scenes of sunset. These magnificent views are worth experiencing.

Baga Beach

This is the last goa beach that you must visit. This beach is famous for night clubs and bars. This beach is near to the markets. So, it’s easy to go for shopping.

Also, Take a body spa at hotels and spa parlor before you return to daily life. It will rejuvenate your body and mind.

These are the all popular beaches that you must Visit. However, there are many more on the list. But, These are the must-visit Goa Beach Places that you will definitely love to explore.


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