If you are planning to explore Rajasthan, then you must visit the western city, Jaisalmer. There are multiple tourist places in Jaisalmer. This city is also famous as the Golden city of India as it shines like gold. Jaisalmer serves as one of the most exotic tourist destinations in India. With a plethora of activities to offer, starting from extensive forts to exotic Thar deserts, Jaisalmer attracts many tourists.

tourist places in jaisalmer
best places to visit in jaisalmer

Tourist Places in Jaisalmer

This is a list of the most iconic tourist destinations of Jaisalmer for you. These are the famous tourist places in Jaisalmer that you should never miss if you are making an itinerary for your trip

Historical Places in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Fort

A visit to Jaisalmer is not complete without visiting Jaisalmer Fort. The fort is also famous as Sonar Quila and the Golden Fort. It emerges from the Thar desert and shines so bright in the sunlight. It gives a pleasant view in the evening. And, as the night approaches the cross-lights from all directions add an irreplaceable charm to the magical fort.

This is among one of the living forts of Rajasthan. Also, there are many shops, stalls, and art galleries making it a perfect blend of history, culture, and art. Jaisalmer fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and came into light in Satyajit Ray films.

Timings: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Entry Fee: 50 rupees for Indians and 250 rupees for foreigners

Patwon ki Haveli

A famous tourist place that lies in the Patwa valley, Patwon ki Haveli is an unparalleled reflection of Jaisalmer’s luxury and exotism. The 5 mansions, once meant for the 5 Patwa brothers are counted among the oldest Havelis of Jaisalmer.

patwa haveli in jaisalmer
beautiful patwa haveli at jaisalmer

A narrow street of yellow sandstone with countless intricate windows and balconies acts as an entrance into this world of grandeur. And, if the visage inspires you already, then inside is going to leave you astounded. The interior of the Haveli is pervaded by exquisite wall paintings, gateways, arches, and balconies that open to a panoramic view. And, most importantly the mirror works on the wall make it so interesting. This monument is truly a work of art and bliss forever. To say the least a destination which you can never miss. So, it comes among the famous tourist places in Jaisalmer.

Timings: 9.30 AM- 6.30 PM

Entry Fee: 20 rupees for Indian citizens and 100 rupees for foreign nationals

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Salim Singh Haveli

It is a historic mansion in Jaisalmer, renowned for its engineering. The construction of Salim Singh Haveli was done in eighteenth-century that and has around 38 galleries of sculptures. The unforgettable design of this haveli makes it unique among the other Havelis of its period. Also, the rooftop of this building is an excellent focal point for tourists. So, we can say that the Salim Singh Haveli is so rich in features that you cannot leave Jaisalmer without visiting.

Timings: 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Entry Fee: 50 rupees for Indians and 100 rupees for foreigners

Nathmal Haveli 

This Haveli was constructed in the nineteenth century by the former ruler of Jaisalmer. It is an enticing geometrical building, which is a blend of Islamic and Rajputana architecture. Tourists come here to explore the artwork which includes interesting paintings. Also, the sculptures of gigantic tuskers on yellow sandstone make it a perfect tourist spot.

The ideal time to visit this place is November to February because of the pleasant weather conditions

Timings: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Entry Fee: Free entry

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Adventure Tourist Places in Jaisalmer

Khuri Village & Sand Dunes

Want to dive into pages of The Arabian nights? 

It is a little town, 45 kilometers southwest of Jaisalmer, which surrounds by people searching for adventures in the desert. The village abounds with houses made of mud and straw and will confer you a true feel of the rustic Rajasthani!

Just a kilometer away from the sand ridges, you can explore the village on a camel safari or jeep safari. You can encounter the yellow sand rising during the evening. Spending the night at the desert camps of this town makes it very exciting for tourists. Especially, the view of the open sky makes it a perfect spot. Therefore, it is considered among the tourist places in Jaisalmer.

Timings: Anytime

Accommodation:  Depending upon the type

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Sam Sand Dunes

Another famous tourist spot in Jaisalmer is the Sam sand dunes. It lies 45 kilometers toward the west of Jaisalmer, the golden dunes are an ideal delight to partake in a camel ride and Jeep Safari. With a ton of resorts and desert camps, Sam sun dunes are among the favorite tourist spots of Jaisalmer.

Folk dance performances at night, bonfire gatherings, regional food, and furnished tents in the middle of the desert are among the few experiences of the Sam sand desert. So, The mesmerizing beauty of this place makes it a popular shoot location for countless Bollywood films.  Therefore, it is considered among the famous tourist places in Jaisalmer.

Timings: Anytime

Accommodation:   Depending upon the type

Religious Tourist Places in Jaisalmer

Jain Temples in Jaisalmer

Tracing back to the 12th century, the Jain Temples of Jaisalmer are another set of architecturally mesmerizing structures. Apart from the religious point of view, tourists are attracted to the magnificent historical facts of Jain temples. Therefore, exploring such beautiful architecture is one of the top things to do in Jaisalmer.

Timings: 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Entry Fee: 10 Rupees

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Wilflife Tourist Places in Jaisalmer

Desert National Park

For the admirers of natural life, a visit to the desert national park can be one of the top activities in Jaisalmer. This park is spread over an area of 3162 kilometers that hosts multiple species of birds, mammals, and wild animals. Therefore, it is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan.

desert national park jaisalmer
wildlife at desert national park jaisalmer

It is made of rough surfaces, sand ridges, and Salt Lake bottoms, the destination is an excellent illustration of the Thar Desert. The desert national park remains open throughout the year and it is an excellent example of a desert ecosystem. If lucky, one can find various creatures at this park including Indian Foxes, Desert Felines, and Chinkara, along with diverse reptile species. The park is also home to the state bird of Rajasthan, the Great Indian Bustard(Godavan).

Timings: 7.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Entry Fee: 100 rupees

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Nature Tourist Places in Jaisalmer

Gadisar lake

This lake lies in the heart of the desert and is famous for its light and sound show. It is among the first and biggest Laser Water Shows in the world, with water screen projection. The laser show at Gadisar lake depicts the history of Jaisalmer. Also, it portrays other tourist places in Jaisalmer. Other fun activities to experience at Gadisar lake include boating, feeding fish, snapping the exotic view of the Jaisalmer fort, and bird watching (only during winter).

tourist places in jaisalmer
gadisar lake at jaisalmer

Gadisar Lake lies in the desert, so it gets hot during summer. But, as the winter season approaches, the weather becomes pleasant and migrating birds converge at this lake. So, the months of November to March is a perfect period to visit. 

Timings: Anytime

Entry Fee: Free entry

Museum in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Govt Museum

The Govt Museum at Jaisalmer was built by the Department of Archaeology and is a hotspot for History enthusiasts. It boasts the grandeur culture of Jaisalmer. The trophy of Rajasthan’s state bird, Godawan, also famous as the great Indian bustard is the most eye-catching exhibit of this museum. Also, traditional artifacts, rock-cut crockery, ornaments, and statues dating from the 7th to 9th centuries represent the cultural legacy of Rajasthan.

Timings: 10:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Entry Fee: 10 rupees for Indians and 50 rupees for foreigners

Desert Culture Centre & Museum

A significant attraction in Jaisalmer, the Desert Social Centre, and Museum represents local instruments, old coins, money, customary gems of the womenfolk and a wide variety of hunting gear. This museum also provides a unique collection of Rajput artillery and shields of the ancient armed forces.

You can never miss the puppet shows at the Desert culture center. Here, you will experience one of the best Puppet plays of Jaisalmer. So, it is considered among the most famous tourist places in Jaisalmer.

Timings: 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Entry Fee: 50 Rupees

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Markets in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Local Bazaar 

To truly free yourselves from the shackles of urban life, you must experience the rustic charm of Jaisalmer’s local Bazaar. Immerse yourself in the tangled streets and enjoy the warm colors of the Rajasthani culture. The local Bazar at Jaisalmer is a place that does justice to all the shopaholic hearts. You can buy yourself a puppet and try the sparkling footwear, or collect souvenirs that you can take back home. 

The Jaisalmer markets are the cultural hubs and a place where the true reflection of Rajasthan resides. So, it comes among the tourist places in Jaisalmer. 

Timings: 9 AM to 9 PM

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