Wildlife photography is a very nice thing to do. You can see many colorful and unique species. It’s pleasant to see those birds and animals, especially, cranes, and birds. For wildlife photography in Rajasthan, natural places like lakes, zoos, and Sanctuaries are the best places.

wildlife photography
White peacock

Though, there are many places for wildlife lovers. But, in this list of places, you will know about all the most popular wildlife photography spots, that you must visit to explore the beautiful animals and birds.

Wildlife Photography in Rajasthan

  • Jaipur Zoo
  • Nahargarh Eco Park
  • Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Ranthambhore National Park
  • Ghana Bird Sanctuary, Bharatpur
  • Chandlai Lake- Jaipur
  • Gurla (Bhilwara)
  • Chawandiya (Bhilwara)
  • Maota Lake (Jaipur)
  • Kaylana Lake of Jodhpur

Zoo For Wildlife Photography in Rajasthan

Jaipur Zoo

This is an amazing place for wildlife photography in Rajasthan. With the views of wild animals and birds, you can make your day beautiful. There are many varieties of birds and animals in this zoo, especially, tigers, lions, and colorful birds are attractions in this zoo. However, mammals like a snake, an alligator can be other attractive things in this zoo.

Jaipur Zoo
Deers in Jaipur Zoo

If you like birds and cranes, you can find both here in this zoo if lucky. Painted stork cranes, colored birds like a cocktail, and other species make Jaipur Zoo home to wildlife of these species.

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Parks For Wildlife Photography in Rajasthan

Nahargarh Eco-Park

This is a biological park. Here you can see wild animals in cages. Mostly, the sound of roaring makes it exciting. Isn’t it?

I saw a tiger and lion, fortunately. You can only see these animals if you are lucky because, sometimes they play hide and seek with you.

Nahargarh wildlife park jaipur
White tiger in Nahargarh park

Nahargarh eco-park is a reserved area of Jaipur, which is around 8 kilometers away from the city. So, it’s calm to spend some time here.

On the way to this park, You will see art galleries and elephants on the sideways of the highway. The sculptures in the art gallery are really attractive with the statues of some well-known people.

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a wildlife sanctuary in Alwar, that is famous for tigers. A jungle safari in Sariska is an adventurous thing to do in Rajasthan. You can see tigers walking in front of you.

There are many tour packages for wildlife tours in Rajasthan. You get sightseeing in a jeep, into the jungles of this sanctuary. Indeed! it’s exciting for everyone. So, it is considered the best place for wildlife photography in Rajasthan.

Ranthambhore National park

This is a national park of India which is one of the most popular wildlife spots in Rajasthan. It is the most famous tourist place for wildlife photography in Rajasthan. With the wide variety of wildlife, this place is home to bengal tigers that lies in the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan.

This is a large sanctuary that is conserved for wildlife. So, you will only hear the sounds of animals all around in Ranthambhore national park. So, before you will return home, you will definitely keep the unforgettable memories of this adventure in Rajasthan.

Ganesh Temple, padam talao lake, and Ranthambhore Fort are the other attractions of this wildlife park.

Ghana Bird Sanctuary

This is a bird sanctuary that lies in Bharatpur. It is widely popular for migrating birds, especially migrating cranes. You can adore those colorful cranes and birds in the Ghana bird sanctuary which is also known as Ghana Pakshi Abhyaranya.

Ghana Bird Sanctuary
Black birds in Ghana, Bharatpur

Along with the birds, the ambiance of this natural place will give you good vibes. You can spend some time near a lake in this park, where migrating birds are the attractions of this park. And also, a river flows through this park, which makes it a must-visit tourist place in Rajasthan.

Lakes For Wildlife Photography in Rajasthan

Maota Lake

This is a lake in front of the amber fort in Jaipur. You can find some species of birds near this lake. As this place is surrounded by dense forests so some animals like Cheetah and lions can be found around this lake.

Personal tip- Gather information about the area before your visit. Avoid visiting such unknown places without having proper guidance.

Here I also found some birds near Maota Lake, of amber town. However, it takes time to find birds. After the sights of those birds, it’s no doubt worth visiting such places.

Gurla (Bhilwara)

This is a town which is 20 kilometers away from Bhilwara. If you want to see wildlife or migrating birds like flamingos and blackbirds, then visit this place during the winter season.

Flamingos in Bhilwara
Flamingos at a lake

The Flamingo is one of the most beautiful birds which may attract anyone. Its colors are really enchanting. These cranes keep a distance from humans. So, keeping a proper distance from these species is a must to take pictures. However, other than photography, binoculars are very useful for such clear views.

Chawandiya (Bhilwara)

If you love Siberian cranes and migrating species then this lake is another place you can visit. Here, you can see various species of painted stork cranes. These are migrating species and come from colder places to Asian countries like India and so on.

Chawandiya is about 25 kilometers from Bhilwara. This type of crane lives with other kinds of birds. This is in a town, so not much crowded.

Morning time before horizontal sun rays is the best time to visit such birds and cranes.
Best Time to visit- Winter

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Other Wildlife Areas

Lakes, forests, and wildlife parks, which are far from the dense area are the best places to see wildlife species. Most birds are found near the lake far from the city. However, being safe is always good while wildlife photography.

Wildlife Photography Rajasthan Tips

These are some tips before you start wildlife photography in Rajasthan.

  • Read the newspaper to know about places where you can find wildlife
  • Ask people around you about the places like a lake, wild area, reserved area, or any sanctuary. 
  • Follow and connect with people who do have the same interest as you.

Other Places for Photography in India

Indore Zoo

This is one of the best places for having a good experience in wildlife photography. You can see animals like lions, tigers, parrots, white peacocks, and many more. After this, With the stunning views and ambiance of nature, you can take awesome pictures of such magnificent species.

This is a large zoo with many animals and birds. So, the care-taking and cleanliness are impressive.

A trip to Indore Zoo

Ahmedabad Zoo

It is also popular as Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya which lies in Ahmedabad. It is a very large zoo alongside kankaria lake. With the touch of nature and serene views, you can enjoy the views of wildlife species.

Wildlife photography Rajasthan
amazing birds at a travel destination

Be safe and enjoy!

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Fateh Sagar lake in Udaipur

FAQ’s of Wildlife Photography Rajasthan

Q1. Which are the best Wildlife photography places in Rajasthan?

Sariska, Keoladeo and Ranthmbore are some of the most popular tourist attractions

Q2. How much does it cost to experience wildlife photography Rajasthan?

It varies as per places that you include. Please contact us to get quotation of your adventure trip.

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