There are many wildlife sanctuaries in India for tourists. National parks and wildlife sanctuaries of India are home to various wild species of animals and birds. These amazing wildlife sanctuaries are the best places to explore to know about various species.

These wildlife sanctuaries of India always attract nature lovers and wildlife photographers. Because these are the most preferable spot for them. From Asian lions, and Bengal tigers to Red pandas, you can see unique wildlife animals at national parks in India.

wildlife sanctuaries in india
Magnificent Deers!

You can see tigers and lions walking around if you are lucky during your trip. So, here we have some recommendations for the most popular wildlife sanctuaries of India to explore.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Idukki district of Kerala state in South India. With protected rain shadow region on the slope of the western ghats. It is a well-known reservoir of medical plants. The wildlife species, especially, a variety of birds, and many more creatures attract tourists. It gives shelter to wild elephants, tigers, lions, tortoises, and many more animals. So, if you are planning to visit south India. Then, you must go to Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary to discover wildlife.

Little Rann Of Kutch-Wild Ass Sanctuary, Gujrat

It was established in 1973, Kutch -Wild Ass Sanctuary lies in the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. This sanctuary is trying its best to protect wild animals, especially wild ass. And, here you can also see the views of nature in different seasons of monsoon. And, along with it, you can also experience some other activities in Gujarat.

wildlife at rann of kutch gujarat
Wild ass at rann of kutch

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Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

The Ranthambore national park is one of the most popular wildlife parks in Rajasthan. Being a landmark of the 10th century, Ranthambore Fort is an attraction of this park. It is home to tigers, leopards, crocodiles, and many more. This ideal habitat lies near Sawai Madhopur, which surrounds Chambal river and it also allows travelers to go on Jeep safaris.

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Bandipur National Park,Karnataka

Bandipur National Park is a vast wildlife sanctuary in the South-Indian state, of Karnataka. It is a famous national park in South India. it lies just 80 kilometers away from Mysore. During the Mysore dynasty, it was a private haunting place for the royal families. You can explore Indian elephants, deer, and various species of animals. So, it is considered among the popular wildlife sanctuaries in India.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India for Photography

Kaziranga National Park in Assam

The Kaziranga National park is one of the popular national parks in India. This wildlife sanctuary is spread across the Brahmaputra river and is the homeland of numerous animals including tigers, lions, and many more species. It is popular for “one-horned rhinoceros”. So, Kaziranga national park is among the famous wildlife sanctuaries in India.

wildlife sanctuaries in india
Rhino at kaziranga wildlife sanctuary

Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh

A wildlife park in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh, Rollapadu wildlife sanctuary is a widespread sanctuary in India. It has numerous wildlife species which freely live here. You can also find rare species of animals and birds, in this sanctuary. So, migratory birds and deer very often explore this park. However, the timing of your visit also affects the possibility of views of animals. Therefore, ask someone before planning your trip to this place.

Kanha National Park of Madhya Pradesh

tiger at kanha national park in india
Tigers at Kanha national park in India

It is also famous as Kanha Kisli National Park, this wildlife sanctuary is the most popular tiger reserve. This is the largest national park in Madhya Pradesh and one of the most popular tiger reserves in India. Here, you can also see sloth bears, Indian leopards, Bengal tigers, and many other creatures. So, it is also considered popular wildlife sanctuary in India.

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Sundarban National Park in West Bengal

The Sundarban national park is the oldest and most popular tiger reserve sanctuary of West Bengal in India. This wildlife park gives shelter to the Royal Bengal tiger. It also has a large mangrove forest near the Ganga river. And, interestingly it lies on the India-Bangladesh border.

Manas National Park at Assam

This is a national park in India that is a UNESCO world heritage site. Manas National Park is the tiger and elephant reserve of the Northeast Indian state of Assam. This vast wildlife sanctuary of North-East India balances the biodiversity. So, it is considered among the popular wildlife sanctuaries in India. Also, it shares a border with the Royal manas national park of Bhutan.

Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu

The Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1988 in order to protect the grizzled squirrel species. Now, this is the plethora of animals and birds in Tamil Nadu. Also, we can see rare species in this wildlife sanctuary. It is also famous as Srivilliputhur Wildlife Sanctuary which attracts wildlife photography tourists. So, it is among the wildlife sanctuaries in India that you must visit.

Tour Package for Visiting National Parks in India

The tour package to explore all the national parks in India includes your stay, food, and all essential facilities. To get a free quote, please provide your details below or call us to know more.

About Wildlife Sanctuaries of India

Every state and union territory of India has wildlife sanctuaries which vary as per the atmospheric condition and other reasons. There is always a need for national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to preserve the species. Therefore, we can give wild animals and species a proper habitat to live their life.

Other Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

  • Jim Corbett National Park
  • Keoladeo National Park(Ghana Park), Rajasthan
  • Silent Valley National Park in Kerala
  • Himalayan National Park, Uttarakhand
  • Gir National Park in Gujarat
  • Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra

FAQ’s About Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

Q1. Which place is famous for one-horne rhinosauras?

Kaziranga national park is well-known for one-horne rhinosauras. Also, it is home to many wild animals.

Q2. Which places are popular for photography of wildlife animals in India?

There are several places for wildlife photography in India. These places are sundarban national park, Kaziranga, and Ranthambhore national park.

Q3. Can I book a tour package to visit all of these places?

Yes! We offer a tour package for experiencing all of the places mentioned above. To get details including price, itineraries, and many more, please contact us.

Q4. How much does it cost to explore famous wildlife places?

It depends. However, it starts from 6,000 rupees and may vary as per your needs to visit some of the popular wildlife parks in India.

Q5. Which parks are known for tiger reserves in Rajasthan?

Ranthambore and Sariska sanctuary is famous as a tiger reserve in Rajasthan.

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