Flamingo is a bird which comes in phoenicopteridae family. There are six kinds of flamingo’s. All comes in the same family. It may be nice to see these colorful migrating birds in morning. 

This morning I visited a place near to my hometown. I found Flamingo and some other species of migrating birds. These are beautiful birds. Flamingos are White and pink, some are shaded with grey. I also found some other blackbirds there.

This is really a nice experience to keep in touch with these flamingos and other birds. It gives a nice feeling. I visited this at 6.30 AM this morning. It took about half an hour to reach there.

It was worth to see them but it was not as I expected, because the distance was much. As it was a big lake and flamingos were at far distances so it was not easy to take pictures clearly. Though I took some. This lake is near to agriculture farms. A farmer suggested me to take pictures from his farm as it was a bit near to lake than I was. Helpful of him.

Types of Flamingo:

  1. American Flamingo
  2. Andean flamingo
  3. Chilean flamingo
  4. Greater Flamingo
  5. Lesser flamingo 
  6. Puna (James’s) flamingo

These are types of flamingos.

Nature of Flamingo :

These are birds which are not familiar with humans. These keep in touch with ducks, Blackbirds and other flamingo breeds. When we go nearly to them they fly away. Even if you are much away with these they let know and goes away from you.

Where Can You Find Flamingo : 

These are mostly found near lakes. But these are a bit uncommon. Not found in most of the lakes.
In India, Gujarat is home of Flamingo’s, but in some other states, these can be found according to the season.
In Rajasthan, these can be found near lakes like Anasagar lake Ajmer, Gurla lake Bhilwara, and Kaylana lake jodhpur, and some other places like Bharatpur and Jaipur also. There is nothing fixed to have sight of these migrating birds.
Some other birds I found

This was just a morning with these beautiful birds. No matter how far they are, you can feel them even from far. These are colourful and shows the uniqueness which, we all need. If these birds can fly such long distances then why can’t we?

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