Last Sunday, one of my friends told me about a lake in my hometown. It is about 40 kilometers from my home. This is so exciting to spend some time with painted stork cranes.

He told me that it is a good place that is surrounded by migratory birds and cranes. And then we planned to visit this place. I was excited to visit this place.

We headed to that town in the early morning to see painted stork cranes. After riding a bike for 30 minutes, we reached there. It was a lake with chirpings of cranes and birds. The blowing wind and the colorful cranes make a perfect scene.

There are different species of migratory birds and cranes around this lake. These species are painted stork cranes, pelicans, and black herons.

This large lake of fresh-water attracts these migratory birds. However, it is a clean lake, which is the reason that these birds visit this lake every year in months of November to February. Then, during the summer season, they fly away from here.

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There is a temple in-between this lake, which is a temple of goddess Chamunda Mata. So, this town is popular as chawandiya which is in the Bhilwara district of Rajasthan.

Not only the birds but also the surrounding atmosphere makes it a good place to visit in bhilwara.

The contribution of the residents of this town is admirable. They are keeping this lake clean, which attracts these birds.


  • A beautiful lake
  • Painted stork cranes
  • Black herons
  • Enchanting atmosphere

Best time to visit

The best time to visit this place in the morning because wildlife species are active during this time. During mornings, they are easily visible and move around.

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