A Zoo at Jaipur is very famous among animal lovers. This is known as Jaipur Zoo. You can see many species of animals and birds in this zoological park. Enjoying a holiday with family at this amazing place is indeed a must for tourists.

zoo at jaipur
Magnificent Deers!

This zoological garden has two sections, one for animals and the other for birds. It is home to many animals which are deer, baboons, crocodiles, and panthers. And, also some beautiful birds and cranes make it awesome to wander.

History of Jaipur Zoo

This zoological garden was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh of Jaipur during 1860s. And, later it was renovated with the time by former rulers. So, it’s a great place for visitors.

Zoo At Jaipur Information

This is a nice place for those who want to explore various species of animals. With the roar of lions and chirpings of birds, you can see the beautiful creatures during your visit. In front of this zoo, there is an aviary with various colorful birds. The colors of such beautiful birds make this place wonderful. Especially, it’s so interesting for the kids.

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Attractions of Jaipur Zoo

  • White tiger
  • Asian lion
  • Species of snakes and crocodiles
  • Colorful birds

In this zoo, you will find a lot of attractions. The most interesting thing is the sound of animals and birds, that makes it so exciting. And, then the wild animals moving inside their cages, makes it a worth visiting place. However, your visiting time depends to have views of such interesting things.

White tiger in jaipur zoo
A white tiger in the park

Breeding of Alligators

This park is popular as one of the largest places for the breeding of alligators(ghariyal). There are many baby ghariyals in this zoo. So, if you are going there with kids then, these alligators will be so attractive to them.

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The white tiger of this zoo is an attraction among tourists. Along with this, there is also an Asian lion that will definitely make this trip great. And, if you love mammals, there is a lot for you. These are species of crocodiles, snakes, and many more.

This lush-green zoological garden hosts a wide range of mammals. These are panther, jackal, sambhar(deer), Himalayan beer, baboons (monkeys), and many more that will make it interesting.

Birds and Reptiles

Other than animals, there are various birds in this park. These are painted stork cranes, cocktails, parrots, flamingos(pink), pelicans, vultures, and ducks. However, this zoo also welcomes seasonal birds that mostly come here during winter.

A colorful bird in cages
Colorful bird in the zoo

In addition, Reptiles like crocodiles, tortoises, pythons, and anacondas are the other attractions of this zoological park. The activities of such creatures are indeed worth experiencing.

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Time to Visit

The visiting time is 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Closed on- Tuesday

Entry Fee

The entry fee to visit this zoo is 15 Rupees for Indian tourists. While, 150 Rupees for foreign tourists.

How to Reach Zoo at Jaipur

You can reach here by hiring a taxi or cab. This zoo is near to Albert hall museum which is just 4 kilometers away from the city center. However, you can also reach by picking up a city bus.

Nearby Places to Visit

There are many places to visit after visiting the zoo at Jaipur. These are Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jal Mahal and Amer Fort. However, there are some other places, including Kanak Ghati, Govind dev ji temple, and Panna Meena Kund which are popular among tourists.

FAQs About Zoo at Jaipur

Q1. What is the best time to visit this place?

The best time to visit is the morning 10 am to 12 pm. However, evening time is also fine for spending a picnic in Jaipur.

Q2. Is there any concession in tickets for students?

No. There is no concession for students.

Q3. Is it allowed to visit Jaipur zoo with kids?

Yes! It is allowed to visit with kids.

Q4. Is a tour guide available here?

If you hire a guide for the Jaipur tour, then Yes! Otherwise, there is no specific guide available for this place.

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About Jaipur

This is a beautiful city with many things to do. And, the historical places of the pink city attract tourists to visit Jaipur. With the glory of magnificent forts and palaces, there are also some natural places that will make it an unforgettable journey. So, why are you waiting for? Book a trip with us to explore this wonderful city.

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