A Zoo represents how human survived, who were our ancestors and how we are preserving those species.                                                                             
~ Niks Joshi

indore zoo main gate

The zoo is one of the best places to visit in the city. In Indore, the name of the zoo is “Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya“, which is a good place to visit.

This is almost near to the city centre where you can reach easily. There are many kinds of animals and birds in this zoo. When you see beautiful and colorful birds, it makes your day. If you are an animal lover then this is a nice place to visit.

Attractions :

  • White Peacock
  • Asian elephant 
  • Tigers and lion
  • Red parrots and many more. 

Personal Experiences : 

It was a Sunday evening. the day was a bit rainy but at the time we headed to the destination, the weather was clear. At first, we took tickets, which were about 30 rupees per head I think. At the entrance of this zoo, there is a big gate with statues of animals of this zoo, which I found attractive for wildlife enthusiasts.

indore zoo
Entry Gate of zoo

Near to the entry gate, there was a red colored parrot which is no doubt beautiful. Colorful birds are very nice to see. Though there are many other birds in this zoo.

red colour parrot
Red parrot at zoo

After few minutes raining started. As it was evening so weather became a bit colder. we continued going ahead. Then you see some black and grey bucks. These are one of the best things. Its black long horns make it more beautiful. In some parts of Rajasthan, Blackbucks are worshipped by a particular religion. Why not! indeed they deserve.

black bucks at zoo
Black Bucks at the zoo
Now after black bucks its turn for the biggest animal of Jungle. It’s an Elephant. There were around 6-7 elephants at the zoo. all are Asian elephants. A natural atmosphere is given to these animals which is praiseworthy. This place is also good for kids as many of the animals and birds are new for them.

asian elephant at zoo
Kid watching giant elephants

After a few minutes, we were a bit tired as its a big zoo with many species including birds and animal kingdom. Now you see a peacock sharing his space with parrots. isn’t it cool! This picture shows that Like humans, these birds also share their space with others. White feathers of this peacock are really very magnificent.

white peacock with parrots
Parrots sharing meal with peacock

Parrots are busy now in their meal so we will talk about them later. There was no gorilla at the zoo but I found one painted on a wall when we were taking a break.

gorilla painting
gorilla painting at the zoo

Then the next one comes, White Peacock. This is the best thing here in this zoo which I like most. I saw colorful peacocks many times, but white is unique and you can’t find it everywhere. Even in most zoo its not found. These are called “White Peafowl”. Indian Peafowl is common and these are also in abundance till now.

white peafowl
White Peafowl

white peafowl picture
Peacock at a tree

white peacock at a indore zoo
White Peacock

There were many other animals but due to low light and rainy weather, pictures are not much clear.

Personal tips :

  • Keep yourself away of the cage as there are some species which may harm you
  • Make sure to take a water bottle, as this is a big zoo
  • Follow instructions, already written near cage of wild animals
  • If going with kids, see everything from a proper distance without going closer
  • Don’t try to take selfie with animals , it may be fatal. 

Best time to go:


If the weather is clear then its great. 3-4 pm is best for taking good pictures if its winter.

Time to be taken to visit : 

It will take around 2 hours to visit this zoo. Though it all depends up to you. At least you need 1 hour to visit this zoo.

This is all I know about this. If this is useful or you like this then make sure to let me know by doing comment below or by sharing this with your friends.
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