There are many best Places to Visit in Nepal. It is a beautiful south-Asian country with the alluring views of the Himalaya mountains. In this guide, you will know about the best places to visit in Nepal including religious and adventurous destinations.

Nepal is a neighboring country of India. So, it is easy to visit this country. You can reach here by Bus, or even by flights. Also, this is an affordable place for budget tourists. That’s why, No need to worry about expenses.

Nepal is a country is a combination of nature and religious monuments. The mesmerizing landscapes and mountains of Nepal attract a lot of tourists from the world.

places to visit in nepal
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Nepal is also famous for the Himalaya mountains. The largest mountain peak of the world lies in this country. However, this country is also popular for Buddhism.

This is a magnificent place with lakes, mountains, and religious places. Along with tourist places, tourists can also experience the culture and food of this country.

Best Places to Visit in Nepal

  • Pashupatinath Temple
  • Boudhanath Temple
  • Pokhara Valley
  • Swayambhu Temple
  • Bhaktapur Darbar Square
  • Sagarmatha National Park
  • Mount Everest Base Camp
  • Lumbini
  • Janakpur
  • National Museum of Nepal
  • White Monastery

Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupati Nath Temple is a Hindu religious temple dedicated to lord shiva. This temple is one of the largest temples of lord shiva in Nepal which is located along the Bagmati river.

Pashupatinath temple in nepal
Pashupatinath Temple- source

Pashupati Nath temple is a UNESCO world heritage site of Nepal that represents the magnificent architecture and religious culture of Nepal. Devotees of lord shiva visit this temple during Mahashivratri Festival, A festival of Hindu religion. With the divine of Lord shiva, you can experience the calmness and positivity around you.

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Things to do in Nepal

This is a pagoda-style temple that has stacks of pyramids one over another. It is also similar to the Japanese and Buddhist temples which is a Hindu sacred temple. However, devotees of the Buddhist religion also visit this temple.

The largest statue of Nandi is placed in front of shiva lingam, which is the vehicle of lord shiva. Bagmati river is a sacred river in Nepal. There are ghats along the river, where priests do prayers to lord shiva. Above all, this temple is not only a religious site in Nepal but also a cultural site to visit.

Boudhnath Stupa

Bodhnath stupa in nepal
Boudhnath Stupa- source

This stupa is the largest stupa in Nepal. The stupa is an umbrella-shaped semi-circular monument for prayers and rituals that has importance in both Buddhism and the Hindu religion. However, it’s popular in Buddhism but not in Hinduism.

Boudhnath stupa is dedicated to buddha as it is considered as remains of the buddha. It is a pilgrimage site for Buddhists and Hindus. This stupa is surrounded by more than 30 monasteries. So, it gives spiritual vibes to devotees.

Boudhnath stupa is a UNESCO world heritage site. This is a holy Tibetan place located at Kathmandu in Nepal. This temple attracts spiritual and religious travelers. However, tourists from all religions enjoy visiting this temple. So, it stands among the places to visit in Nepal.

  • Entry ticket- 200 rs.
  • Time takes to visit- 1 hour

Pokhara Valley

Pokhra valley in Kathmandu
Pokhara Valley – source

The valley in Nepal is also known as a jewel of the Himalayan mountains which is surrounded by thick forests. It lies in the west of Kathmandu. There is a lake, temple, cave, and markets that attract tourists.

Pokhara is a city of lakes that is a good place to relax and enjoy. However, some adventurous activities are also available in this valley. Trekking Annapurna hills and exploring the Himalaya mountains are the adventures to experience in this valley. It attracts tourists every year because there are various activities to do in this valley.

Phewa lake is the most beautiful lake in Pokhara valley. This stunning lake stands amidst the places to visit in Nepal. It has views of lush green mountains with the alluring atmosphere around it. In addition, other attractions to visit in the town are Barahi temple, Gupteshwar cave, and Mahendra cave.

Things to Do in Pokhara Valley

  • A view of serene Phewa lake
  • Trekking in Annapurna hills
  • Travel to Pokhara markets (Bazaar)
  • Visit World peace pagoda
  • Experience Gupteshwar and Mahendra cave
  • Explore Barahi temple

Swayambhu Temple

Swayambhu temple in nepal

Swayambhu temple- source

This temple is the oldest temple in Nepal. It is a large white stupa of the buddha. This is a religious place for Buddhists. However, Hindu devotees also visit this religious place. There are many other temples and monasteries around the main temple that enchants the surrounding atmosphere.

This temple is also popular as a “monkey temple” because of the presence by monkeys. So, the valley is famous as a monkey valley. A statue of Buddha is the major attraction of this temple. However, some of the temples around this temple were destroyed due to the earthquake. But, later renovated.

It shows the religious harmony of Nepal which is located in the west of Kathmandu. Buddhists consider the eyes on the stupa as the guardians of the universe.

History of Swayambhu Temple

Swayambhu temple was constructed by King Manadev. The word “swayambhu” means “to take a birth”. Peoples say that it was a lake but, when buddha visited this lake, he said it to be a path of enlightenment.

Vajra Stupa

This is a stupa before the main swayambhu temple. There are bells that show Buddhist culture. Devotees walk clockwise around this stupa.

Swayambhu Buddhist Museum

This is a Museum with statues and antiques of Buddhism religion. It is a red color building near the swayambhu temple. The entry fee to visit this museum is 200 rupees.

Attractions of Swayambhu Temple

  • Panoramic view of Kathmandu
  • Monkey view of the valley
  • Temples and monasteries surrounded by this temple
  • Swayambhu Buddhist museum

Bhaktapur Darbar

Bhaktapur darbar square in nepal
Bhaktapur darbar- source

A city in Nepal that is popular as a religious city because there are many temples. This is a world heritage site which shows the culture, heritage, and uniqueness of Nepal. This is a popular destination for travellers because it’s a sacred place.

There are many temples in this city. However, the temples were affected by the earthquake. So, these are now under construction. The popular temples in this city are Dattatreya temple, Pashupatinath temple, Indrani temple, Chardham temple, Shiv temple, Parvati temple, and Siddhi Laxmi temple. While, other famous sites of Bhaktapur square darbar are the golden palace, 55 window palace, and many more.

After wandering around this square, you can taste local food. The food of Nepal has some delicious flavors.

Attractions of Bhaktapur Darbar

  • National art gallery
  • Temples
  • Ancient heritage sites
  • Taste local food

How to reach Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is around 13 kilometers away from Kathmandu. You can reach here by bus or local transportation.

Sagarmatha National Park

Sagarmatha national park is home to dense forests and wildlife species. This is the best spot among places to visit in nepal. It has the highest peak in the world- Mount Everest. This park is the UNESCO world heritage site that is surrounded by lakes, monasteries, and forests.

Sagarmatha national park in nepal
Sagarmatha national park- Source

Sagarmatha is the Nepali name of mount Everest. This park is the shelter for more than 115 wildlife species. The animals in this park are wolf, musk deer, black deer, langur, and monkeys. However, some endangered animals are red panda, snow leopard. The species of birds are snowcock, Himalayan monal, impeyan monal and many more. Impeyan Monal is the national bird of Nepal. Similarly, this park also takes care of endangered species of mammals.

This park spreads in an area of 1150 square kilometers which has different vegetation. Forests in this park are birch, bamboo, juniper, fir, and hemlock. This is a dense forest because it gets medium to heavy rainfall during months of March and July. Himalayan mountains make this place a must-visit in Nepal.

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Wildlife Photography

Attractions of Sagarmatha National Park

  • Trekking to the park
  • View of Himalayan mountains and the Everest
  • Wildlife species of animals and birds
  • Feel the enchanting atmosphere near mountains and nature
  • Mountaineering

Entry Fee

Entry tickets of tourists are as below

  • Nepali tourists – 150 rs.
  • SAARC country tourists – 1500 rs.
  • Foreigner tourists – 3000 rs

How to Reach sagarmatha national park

It is not easy to reach this park because there is no road transport available. You have to reach Lukla then trek to this park. As it takes a lot of time to reach by road so, it is better to reach Lukla by flight. Book your flight tickets in advance to avoid any last-minute issues because a lot of tourists travel to this place.

Best time to visit Sagarmatha National park

The best time to visit this park is in month of october to december.

Mount Everest Base Camp

Mount everest base camp from namche bazaar - Best place to visit in nepal for adventure torurists
Mount everest view from namche bazaar – source

Trekking to the highest peak of the world is no doubt adventurous. Even if it is adventurous but, it is dangerous too. Climbing to Mount Everest is the toughest than trekking any other mountains. It needs practice, proper guidance, and gears which are essential to reach the peak of this mountain.

Mount Everest is a high altitude of 8,848 meters (around 9km). It is not easy to reach this peak. However, many tour guides make it easy by providing essential guidance and gears.

You can also get the magnificent views of the Everest by Sagarmatha national park. The base of the mountain is the place where many tourists stay in treehouses and spend holidays. Every one get attracts by the magnificent beauty of Everest because of the landscapes around it. Climbing to this mountain is not a cup of tea of every folk. So, better to spend your time in the safe zone.

How to Reach

To reach here, you have to take a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Then after trekking to Sagarmatha national park, there comes the highest peak in the world.

There are many places to visit in Nepal. It depends on the package or tour groups you choose. After you pick one, it takes around 14-15 days to reach the Mount Everest peak. A wide variety of tour packages is available for trekking or even camping.

The cost of this adventurous journey costs between 3000 to 4000 rupees.


  • Make sure to take enough cash, as there are no ATM’s available except Lukla and Namche Bazaar.
  • Ask your queries before you select any tour package
  • Trek with proper gears

Lumbini in Nepal

Lumbini is a town amonga places to visit in nepal
Lumbini- source

This town is a birthplace of Gautam buddha. It is a pilgrimage for Buddhist and Hindu devotees. So, Hindu and Buddhist devotees visit this place to know about history.

This place is the most famous which is a mixture of spirituality and history. So, tourists from all countries visit Nepal every year. Ashoka pillars have a description of Lumbini as the birthplace of Gautam buddha. Ashoka was the king of India who became a Buddhist because of the non-violence of Buddhism.

The birthname of buddha was Siddhartha Gautam who born in a royal family. He was the son of the king shudhodhan of Shakya clan. He left his family and home because he was in search of peace.

A monastery is a religious place in Buddhism. There are 25 monasteries in Lumbini. These monasteries were built by various countries i.e. China, Vietnam, France, India, Japan and many more. So, this is among the best places to visit in nepal.

Attractions of Lumbini

  • Maya Devi temple
  • Lumbini museum
  • Bodhi tree
  • Vipassana center
  • Monasteries of various countries
  • Village tour

Mayadevi temple is the exact birthplace of Gautam buddha. This is a temple in the name of a former queen. There is a pond in front of this temple.

Buddhism has strong faith in vipassana, which means meditation. Vipassana center is a place to learn yoga and meditation that is essential to achieve peace. The Lumbini Garden is another place in this town where devotees sit and relax.

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Janakpur- A religious place in nepal
Janakpur in nepal – source

A city in Nepal popular as the birthplace of goddess Sita who was the wife of Lord Ram. This is a holy place for Hindu religion. It is also famous as the city of ponds because there are several pounds in this city.

It is also popular as Janakpur Dham. There are various temples in this city. The architecture of these temples is amazing, which has beautiful carvings on the stone. The most common temples of this city are Naulakha temple and Ram temple. Janakpur is also mentioned in a great Hindu epic “Ramayan” which has details about Lord Ram and Sita.

Attractions of Janakpur

  • Temples
  • The valley
  • Art and culture
  • Ponds in the town

Janakpur is the birthplace of Maithili culture. The local peoples speak the Maithili language. The rivers which pass through this city make it an awesome place to visit. However, the local markets of this city attract tourists.

National Museum of Nepal

National Museum of Nepal is a place to know about art, culture and the history of Nepal. This is a historical and Buddhist museum. However, it also has a weapon gallery with all the popular weapons and ammunition. It has medieval and modern time antiques which depict the historical importance of Nepal.

This museum is the national archeological museum of Nepal. It has attractive statues, wooden carvings, and paintings of various artists. The most famous painting of this museum is the “Krishna Lila” painting, which is related to the Hindu religion. As it has has a collection of antiques and artifacts of ancient times. So, this museum attracts historical tourists.

How to reach National Museum Nepal

It is near to Kathmandu in the backside of the Swayambhu temple. You can reach here by bus or taxi.

White Monsatery

White monastery among best places to visit in nepal
White monastery in nepal – source

The white monastery is one of the most famous monasteries in Buddhism. This monastery is located near Kathmandu. As this is located on a hill. So, it serves the alluring views of green landscapes and surroundings. It has the surrounding views of sunrise and sunset from the valley which are the attractions of this monastery.

The white monastery is also famous as seto gumba or white gumba among locals. This is an ancient monastery that has beautiful architecture. However, the architecture of this monastery is Buddhist architecture. There is a garden inside this monastery is a nice place to spend some time. Therefore, it is a peaceful and calm place to visit in Nepal.


  • Views of surroundings
  • Learn meditation and yoga
  • Know about Buddhism culture

This is all about the tourist places to visit in Nepal. These are the most popular places that travelers visit. If you like this article, share it and comment below. Also, make sure to book your trip in advance.

Markets in Nepal
Visiting Markets in Nepal

Why So Many Places to Visit in Nepal

Yes! Nepal has so many places to visit because of the serene views of landscapes and religious aspects. The history and culture are the other things that you will love about this country. This country has an important role in Hindu and Buddhism pilgrims. And, also entices nature and wildlife lovers.

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