mandana in rajasthan

Art has always been a point of fascination for humanity. Mandana in Rajasthan represents the culture of India. Over the ages, the process of creating art has provided humans with the expressional catharsis that they need. Thus, the styles and forms of art are as diverse as our population.

mandana in rajasthan
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Information About Mandana in Rajasthan

One such art form that adds to the artistic diversity is the Mandana paintings, a tribal art form that is as old as the tradition of painting itself. Also, Mandana painting is a style ingenious to the exquisite land of Rajasthan. This tradition dates back to the Vedic age, from 1500 to 500 BCE.

Mandana is derived from the word “mandna”, which implies decoration and beautification. Women within the household engage in this practice to decorate their settings. Historically, the women of the Meena community in Rajasthan are associated with this art form. However, the style has inspired many communities, and several other tribal art styles have subsequently evolved throughout central India. 

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How to Make Mandana

The designs of the Mandana paintings have always remained quite simple and rudimentary. Their simplicity makes them attractive, and a rustic influence enhances their uniqueness. The act of making these paintings was usually synonymous with fun gatherings. As Mandana was usually done on walls or floors during festivals to welcome divinity and repel negativity.

The altars of Vedic yajna, plants, animals, and birds are auspicious, and therefore they are the frequent themes in Mandana paintings. Also, other prominent imagery in this art form includes deities in the form of an animal. A traditional term with such motifs is “Shubh Manglik” which portrays the earliest forms of Mandana in Rajasthan. Therefore, the drawings themselves are very feminine in construction and do not follow any set principles of proportion and perspective. 

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Things to Know about Mandana Painting

It is considered that this art form is not taught or passed down through generations. Traditionally, girls had to learn it on their own by observing the work of their mothers and other elderly women. As a result, the spread of this beautiful tribal art remained limited. Unfortunately, in modern times, the growing westernization is making it less popular. The dominant western presence in the world of art is pulling the general interest away from tribal art. Consequently, the art form is slowly losing its charm. Only, two villages in Rajasthan, Tonk, and Sawai Madhopur, are among the only few places where Mandana art still prominently showcases itself.   

FAQs of Mandana in Rajasthan

Q1. Is it a kind of tribal painting?

It’s an ancient art of Rajasthan which is famous as a cultural and traditional art. However, this is very popular among some tribal communities.

Q2. How to make Mandana painting?

You can start with some easy designs of this traditional art.

Q3. What is the history of this painting?

Please check the details above.


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