Kumbhalgarh fort is one of the largest forts of India that represents the royal rajputana heritage. Along with the stunning surroundings, kumbhalgarh is a perfect place for tourists. With the dense forests all around it, exploring nature with heritage is undoubtedly an amazing experience.

kumbhalgarh fort udaipur
A view of kumbhalgarh fort- Image

With the glory and pride, kumbhalgarh has interesting history, culture and the architecture that makes it far apart from other forts of India. And, the aravali mountains makes it incredible place to visit in Rajasthan. This is the reason that it is a UNESCO world heritage site.

History of Kumbhalgarh fort

King samprati, the grandson of king ashoka started construction of this fort during 6th century. However, there are not enough historical facts about it. The magnificent fort that we see today, was built by the king of Mewar, Rana kumbha in 15th century. After it’s construction, it was renovated by former rulers during 19th century. With the amazing history of mewar, kumbhalgarh fort is an eye-witness of many rulers of rajputana.

Kumbhalgarh fort was attacked by many mughals and muslim rulers. This is the motherland of maharana pratap, One of the famous brave ruler of mewar who fought with mughals,

Architecture of Kumbhalgarh

The alluring architecture of kumbhalgarh forts attracts a lot of tourists. The chief architect of this huge fort was Mandan. It’s rajput architecture makes it an unbelievable place that depicts rajputana and indian culture.

There are various sections in this military hill fort which has palaces, temples and large courtyards. The most interesting thing is a palace, that is popular as badal mahal- the palace of clouds. And, There is a great wall around this fort, which is as wide as 8 horses can stand together. So, it is famous as the great wall of India because it resembles with the “great wall of china”. And, it is the second great wall of the world.

With a combination of heritage and religion, this is indeed a great place to explore. Jain temples of kumbhalgarh fort portrays the beautiful architecture. Along with this, there are many other hindu temples built during 15th to 19th century.

With the awe-inspiring landscape views of surrounding, you will get closer to nature. This fort also surrounds with dense forests and the sights of lush- green aravali mountains that makes it splendid place to visit in rajasthan.

aravali landscapes from kumbhalgarh
Aravali landscapes- Image

It has royal entry gates which are ram pol, ganesh pol and some others. After the entrance, there are beautiful mahals, and museum with paintings that shows the rajput dynasty and it’s culture. And, In the courtyard of this fort, tourists can also experience various traditional festivals.

Things to Do in Kumbhalgarh fort

There are many things to experience while your visit to this place. From sightseeing to exploring temples. Also, spending a holiday in kumbhalgarh may be an exciting thing to do during your trip.

The most attractive places to visit in kumbhalgarh fort are Neelkanth mahadev temple, Pasharvanath jain temple, Kumbha palace, Badal mahal and Badshahi baori. However, there are many other things that makes it an exciting place to explore.

Badal mahal in kumbhalgarh
Badal Mahal!- Image

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The enchants of Hinduism- Kedarnath temple

  • Sightseeing of fort
  • Exploring palaces- badal mahal, kumbha mahal
  • Breathtaking surrounding views
  • Experiencing the Rajputana culture
  • Hindu and Jain temples
  • Bavri’s and water reservoirs

Things to Know before visiting Kumbhalgarh fort

Time to visit

The visiting time of this fort is 9 am to 6 pm which opens everyday. And, the best time to visit this fort is winters, that is from november to february.

Entry Fee

The entry fee for tourists is 10 rupees for Indian citizens. And, 100 rupees for foreigners.

How to Reach Kumbhalgarh

It lies 84 kilometers from udaipur. And, 156 kilometers from Chittorgarh. So, you can reach here by personal vehicle or by hiring a cab from udaipur.

Hotels in Kumbhalgarh

Speding a holiday near a heritage place is no doubt a great experience. Isn’t it?

You can explore the lush-green mountains and also the heritage, that will make your trip luxury. Even if you are a budget tourist, you can feel it. However, the hotels in kumbhalgarh are affordable. But, sometimes it maybe a bit expensive for budget tourists. Don’t worry! We will make everything easy for you as per your needs and budget to make your trip memorable. So, are you ready to spend a holiday near this amazing place?

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Freequently Asked Questions about Kumbhalgarh Fort of Rajasthan

Q1. How far is kumbhalgarh fort from udaipur?

It lies just 84 kilometers away from lake city udaipur.

Q2. Who built kumbhalgarh?

King of mewar, Rana Kumbha built this fort.

Q3. How much does it cost to stay near kumbhalgarh fort?

The cost to stay at a hotel in kumbhalgarh starts from 1000 rupees per night. However, there are various hotels from budget to luxury. So, it depends upto you book a hotel as per your needs.

Q4. What are the most interesting things of visiting this fort?

The most interesting things for visitors are sightseeing of fort, stunning views of surroundings and experiencing the local culture and traditions of rajasthan.

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