India is a south-Asian country which has an amazing culture that makes it an interesting place. Indian culture is famous for its heritage, food, and also religious customs. With the blend of festivals and unique traditions, it’s a perfect destination to explore.

indian culture
Historical monuments

Why Indian Culture is Interesting


India has one of the oldest civilizations in the world. These are Indus valley civilization, Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro, and many more. However, western countries do not consider this country to be the oldest civilization. But, Hindu epics prove it to be the oldest among all others.

The name of ‘India‘ was given by the British East India Company, the Britishers. However, earlier this country was popular as Bharat Varsh. So, it’s actual name is Bharat.


It has various languages that peoples speak, which depends on the region. However, Most of the peoples in India speaks Hindi which is an easy form of Sanskrit. And, the official language of India is Hindi and English both.

A shlok in sanskrit-

यथा चतुर्भिः कनकं परीक्ष्यते निर्घषणच्छेदन तापताडनैः।

तथा चतुर्भिः पुरुषः परीक्ष्यते त्यागेन शीलेन गुणेन कर्मणा।

So easy to read. Right? 🙂

Religion in Indian Culture

indian religion
Religion- image

Most of peoples have faith in god. It’s because this is a home to Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and many other religions.

Other than the Hindu community, there are many other religions which are Sikh, Jain, Bodh, and also Muslims which show the religious empathy and harmony of India. Traditions and customs are the other things that make it an enticing place.

Festivals in Indian Culture

With the enchants of bells and having faith in god, peoples celebrate many festivals. Dipawali and Holi are the most popular festivals along with some others.

All regions of India are famous for specific festivals. Maharashtra is famous for Ganesh Chaturthi, West Bengal is famous for Durga Pooja. And, Punjab is popular for Lohri and many other festivals that people celebrate together.


Food varies in India from East to West and North to south. Peoples eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. But, Indian food is famous for vegetarian dishes, which are Dal-Bati, Pani-puri, Vada-pav, and many more. Indian food has a delicious taste with tangy flavors and spices.

In addition, South-Indian dishes are must-try. Especially, Masala dosa, Uttapam, and Idli are some typical south Indian popular cuisines.


The colorful Indian traditional dresses are so attractive. In India, traditional dresses are kurta-payjama for men. And for women, sari and salwar suit are popular dresses. However, peoples follow western dresses as well which they see in Bollywood films. But, that’s not the culture of India.

Tourist Places

Oh yes! There are many places to explore in India. Probably, you have heard about the Taj Mahal, Mumbai, and Kumbh. If not yet, then it may be interesting to know about these places.

Taj mahal lies among seven wonders of the world which is the must-visit destination in India. This is an amazing palace of white sangamarmar, built by a Mughal emperor; Shah Jahan.

There are many other tourist places in India that make it a worth visiting destination for tourism. These are Rajasthan, Gujarat, New Delhi, and many more. And, interestingly there are UNESCO world heritage sites in India that represents the cultural heritage.

Historical monuments are places in India that represents the history and art of India. Especially, the fort and palaces show the royal culture of India with an ambiance of glory.

Why Indian Culture Is Famous

India is famous in the world for diversity in culture. It varies with the region. So, Indian culture attracts peoples with the charm of religion, festivals, and also delicious food. In addition, Ayurveda, Yoga, and spiritualism make it far better than other places in the world. Ayurveda is a treatment of diseases using herbs, while Yoga is a set of physical exercises to stay healthy.

With the increasing population, it stands in the second position after China. Though this is the only place where peoples live together even if they have a different religion and culture in the same country. And, Invention of zero is the gift of India to the world.

India is also famous for art, and dance. From handicrafts to traditional dance, everything makes it an exciting place to traverse.

FAQ’s About Indian Culture

Q1. What if most famous culture in India?

The most famous culture of India are greetings, traditional clothing, and local cuisines.

Q2. How many languages are there in India?

Most of the peoples speak Hindi. However, there are regional languages in various regions. While the official language of India is both Hindi and English.

Q3. Why there are so many festivals?

There are many religions in India. So, peoples celebrate various festivals with religious harmony.

Q4. What to experience during India travel?

You must experience the local food, and also festivals that make it an exciting place. Also, the heritage of India is undoubtedly worth exploring.

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