A famous tourist place in Bhilwara, Menal Bhilwara Waterfall is an awesome place if you are visiting this city. There is a wonderful waterfall and a temple that is 55 kilometers from the Bhilwara city center. Also, you can get awe-inspiring views of the landscapes from the top. In this post, you will know all the details about Menal in Bhilwara.

Information about Menal Waterfall Bhilwara

Menal Waterfall is one of the famous tourist places in Bhilwara Rajasthan. This is popular for heritage temples and waterfalls that make it a perfect spot to visit. Also, there are many other things that will make your trip to Menal Bhilwara wonderful.

menal bhilwara
Menal temple in bhilwara- Source

Things to Know Before Visiting Menal in Bhilwara

Time to Visit

Visit between 9 am to 6 pm


55 km from the city. You can reach here by personal vehicle or book a taxi.

How to Reach

By vehicle, it takes around 60 minutes from Bhilwara railway station

Attractions at Menal Waterfall Bhilwara

  • Temple
  • Magnificent waterfall
  • A garden
  • Serene view of surroundings

FAQ’s About Menal Temple and Waterfall Bhilwara

Q1. How far is Menal waterfall from Bhilwara railway station?

It lies just 53 kilometers from Bhilwara railway station.

Q2. How can I reach this tourist place in Bhilwara?

You can reach here by personal vehicle or taxi which takes around one hour.

Q3. What are the famous tourist places near Menal Bhilwara?

There are also some other places to visit in Bhilwara near Menal temple which are Smriti van garden, Harni Mahadev Temple, and many more.

Q4. Which are the best hotels in Bhilwara near Harni Mahadev?

You can book palm resort and Ranbanka resort which are considered among the famous hotels in Bhilwara.

Hotels in Bhilwara

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Tips Before Visiting Menal in Bhilwara

  • Take safety precautions during your visit to the waterfall
  • It may take around 2-3 hours for visiting this place. So, don’t forget to keep breakfast.
  • Hire a tour guide if you want to know about the history and more details about this place. Also, you can book a tour package with us to get the best travel experience.

Tourist Attractions Near Menal Waterfall Bhilwara


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