Mount Abu is one of the most popular tourist places in Rajasthan. There are many things to explore. So, Mount Abu tour attracts tourists from Rajasthan and Gujarat.  

mount abu tour
Mount abu tour

It lies in the south-west of Rajasthan which is the wonderful hillstation to explore. It is commonly known as a hot warm place. For most of the tourists, it is a very hot place because of The Thar Desert and high temperatures. But, In the southern region of this state, you can find some really cool and hill stations like Udaipur and Mount Abu.

Mount Abu Tour

First, we headed to Udaipur which is close to Mount Abu. It takes around 3 hours to reach Abu from Udaipur by bus. However, trains are also available to this hill station in rajasthan. After reaching Abu road, which is the nearest station to Mount Abu, you have to hire a taxi or a bus to reach. It took about 25 minutes as it was 5 am in the morning so there was no traffic on the way.

Way to Mount abu
On the way!

As we were reaching close to this place, it was getting colder and colder. This coldness was tremendous. Then, after a few minutes of sitting in a taxi, the time comes to lighten the load of the backpack. Agents come to you and showcase their hotel and price because they get commission by hotel bookings. We visited 2-3 hotels which took about an hour, but the last one was pretty good.

Personal tip

Only book a hotel if you are comfortable with the price, they hike rates on weekends. So, avoid to visit on weekends if budget is less.

Then by reaching there at mount Abu town, I came to know that a city tour bus is available at 9.:30 am to visit all the tourist places in the town. This turned me excited when I was drinking coffee in the balcony. As it was already 8 am so I had an hour to get ready.

After an hour the city tour bus came, and I was In. It took us to all the places to visit in the town. This sightseeing includes with a tour guide which is worth to know about places. Gurushikhar(Highest peak), Nakki lake, Sunset point, Lovers point, Achalgarh and Ganesh temple. It took 150 rupees per person to have this city tour for all the places but It’s very tiring to visit all the places on the same day.

City Ride – you can rent a bike or scooter at 300 rupees for 12 hours.

It will take at least 3 days to experience the places and culture of this place.

Mount Abu Tour Itinerary

view of a lake in mount abu tour
A stunning lake!

Day 1

On this day visit nearby places to the town where you can reach easily like nakki lake, sunset point, a wildlife sanctuary.

Day 2

This day visit places on a hill which will take your energy. Like gurushikhar, achalgarh, and lovers point.

Day 3

This day rest and visit the local market in the town. Also taste Gujarati food and some delicious Rajasthani dishes which is really tasty.

Tip– There are more than 400 bears in the wild of MountAbu. So be careful by reading the local newspaper or hiring a guide who knows well about the area and make sure about your safety.

exploring temples in mount abu tour
A bell in the temple

Know more about this place – Things to do in Mount Abu
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    1. Yeah! you are right. It gets very cold during winters. So, it’s an amazing hill station to spend holidays.

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