Hyderabad is the southern state of India. You can travel the distance from Hyderabad to Goa by bus, train, or flights easily. In this post, you will know about Hyderabad Goa Distance by all the available options.

Hyderabad to Goa

Goa is famous as the most beautiful place of India that has awe-inspiring beaches. With the wonderful views of seaside, there are a lot of places to visit in Goa. In the months of august to december, tourists comes here to enjoy. So, why don’t you take a break and book a holiday with us.

Distance From Hyderabad to Goa

The serene views of Goa will make you fall in love with this place. Hyderabad to Goa is no doubt a great journey. And, after reaching Goa, you can do a lot of things. If you love sightseeing then it’s perfect for that and if you like to chill at the beach, then there is no other place in India that gives you such vibes.

Hyderabad goa distance
Hyderabad to Goa distance

Goa surrounds by the breathtaking konkan range. It is also famous for portuguese architecture. You can explore Dudhsagar waterfall, Gokarna and many more. However, Goa is mostly known for it’s beach life. The blowing wind and the sound of waves makes you feel relaxed.

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How to Reach Goa from Hyderabad

There are many ways to reach Goa from Hyderabad. You can book a flight, bus and also a personal cab from Hyderabad. This is a long distance so booking a flight or a cab is much better.

  • Hyderabad to Goa distance via Road is 666 kilometers
  • The distance from Hyderabad to Goa via train is 695 kilometers
  • It takes around 14 hours to reach Goa from Hyderabad via Road
  • Hyderabad Goa distance is 540 kilometers by flight, takes 1:30 hours

Tourists also prefer road trip from Hyderabad to Goa. It takes 13 to 14 hours to cover this distance. However, it may vary depending upon the route and some other factors as well. Also, Goa shares it’s boundary with southern states as well. So, you will find most of the tourists from South India.

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Also, bus service is available from Hyderabad to Goa directly. It takes 15 to 16 hours. And, the tickets starts at just 1500 rupees per person for sleeper seats. On the way, you will pass through Shadnagar, Mahabubnagar, Makthal, Manvi, Koppal and some other cities.

Shortest Distance from Hyderabad to Goa via Bus, Train and Flight

  • Flight: Hyderabad-Goa: takes 1 hour
  • Bus: Hyderabad-Goa direct bus: takes 15 Hours
  • Taxi/Cab: Hyderabad to Goa cab: 673 kilometers-takes 14 hours
  • Train: Option 1- Kacheguda(KCG) to Madgaon(MAO), Then Madgaon to Goa by taxi
  • Option 2- Secundarabad(SC) to Madgaon(MAO) by train. Then, Madgaon to Goa by taxi
  • Option 3- Train from Chanda nagar to Belgaum railway station

About Goa

Goa is the best tourist spot of India that spreads joy and fun among travellers. It’s the perfect picnic place in India for night party, beaches and the beautiful peoples who comes here.

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Hyderabad to Goa Route Map

If you are planning a road trip from Hyderabad to Goa by personal vehicle. Then, you have to pass through the below places. Checkout the map below.

hyderabad goa map
Hyderabad to Goa Map
  1. Shadnagar
  2. Jadcherla
  3. Mahbubnagar
  4. Marikal
  5. Makthal
  6. Chicksugur
  7. Kallur
  8. Manvi
  9. Pothnal
  10. Krishnapur camp
  11. Hubballi
  12. Nagaragali
  13. Ramnagar
  14. Mollem

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