This is a country with a lot of diversity. There are many things to do in Nepal. These are adventurous activities and historical tours. It is a peaceful place that attracts travelers. With the lush-green landscapes and amazing tourist places, it’s an incredible destination to explore.

Nepal is surrounded by the Himalaya mountains. Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world that lies in Nepal. Mount Everest is the most popular attraction of this country. However, there are many other things that make it stand apart.

Things to Do in Nepal

  • Trekking
  • Mountaineering
  • River rafting
  • Para-Gliding
  • Visit religious places
  • Explore city markets
  • Taste the local Food
  • Jungle Safari


Trekking in Himalayas
Trekking- Image

It is so exciting to trek mountains which brings you close to nature. This is considered among the best things to do in Nepal. You can experience trekking in Nepal through the famous trek routes. These awesome trekking routes are Annapurna hills, Pokhara valley, Poon hills, and Langtang.

Personal tips- Make sure to keep Sunglasses and water bottle before trekking. Before you go for it, hire someone who know the trekking area. However, A map of trekking route also helps.


It is climbing a Mountain. Indeed it is thrilling to even think about it. But, it also needs a lot of practice. Proper guidance and practice are essential to keep safe.

There are many guides available for mountaineering. You can pick from a wide range of packages. You can join mountaineering tour groups before taking the training. It is the considered as amazing adventurous things to do in nepal.

The gears for mountaineering are Rope, backpack, helmets, and as per suggested by guides. These are essential before doing this thrilling adventure.

River Rafting

This is a great activity of all the adventurous things to do in Nepal. With the flow of a river, you can feel this thrilling activity. You can experience river rafting in Karnali and Seti rivers. However, it needs expert guidance before you do. So, better to hire a local guide who can provide safety tips and training.

Things to do in Nepal
River rafting in Nepal- Image

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The blowing air and the birds-eye view from the sky can be a memorable moment. You can fly like a bird in the mesmerizing mountains which is the most popular sport in Nepal.

The unbelievable views of the Himalaya mountains are worth exploring. It brings you close to the hills and lush green landscapes. So, It is considered among the ultimate things to do in Nepal.

There are many tour operators in Kathmandu who offer packages for paragliding. So, you can book your tour in advance.

Paragliding in the Pokhara valley is popular among tourists. However, you can enjoy this activity at Kathmandu valley. But, Kathmandu is a bit crowded. So, Pokhara valley is the best spot to do paragliding.

Cost- It depends on the tour company you chose. The cost to experience paragliding starts from 7000 rupees per person to 15000 rupees per person for a trip of 30 minutes.

Explore the City Markets

You can know about the local culture and peoples by visiting local markets. Also, there are unique antiques and essentials to buy from these markets.

Some of the markets in Nepal offers unique things at reasonable prices. You can explore the markets of Kathmandu. Showls, handicrafts, Jewellery, and the paintings of this place are famous. So, better to do shopping in the markets.

Markets of Nepal- Durbar square, Indra Chowk, and New road are must explore that represents the culture of Nepal.

Visit Religious Places

You can explore religious places to get some spirituality. There are many temples and Buddhist stupas that gives enchanting vibes. The most popular temple of Nepal is Pashupatinath temple and Boudhnath temple. Most of these places represent Hinduism and Buddhism. However, the majority of this country has faith in Buddhism.

Taste Local Food

Delicious food can’t resist us to eat. No matter if it is vegetarian or non-veg. Some of the vegetarian dishes in Nepal are famous worldwide. Street foods including momos, panipuri, and Dal-Bhat is a popular food in Nepal. It has an influence on Indian food because it’s sharing a border with India.

Jungle Safari

This is considered as the best things to do in Nepal. It is undoubtedly a splendid experience among all listed above. Visiting jungles brings you closer to nature. You can enjoy this exciting activity by exploring wildlife parks. The most popular parks in Nepal are Chitwan wildlife parks and Sagarmatha national park. These are the best places to explore that makes your holidays perfect.

FAQ’s of Things to Do in Nepal

Q1. Is nepal safe to travel?

Yes! Of course. It is a safe place to travel.

Q2. How much does it cost to travel in nepal?

It depends on the tourist places you want to visit. However, it takes around 1000-1500 rupees per day on average.

Q3. Best experience in nepal?

You can visit religious places, and enjoy the amazing views of landscapes. And, adventure activities like trekking and river rafting are great to experience.

Q4. How to reach Nepal?

It is well connected with almost all the countries. For Indians, you can reach here by bus, or flights easily.

These are the things to do in Nepal. I hope you like this post. Also, drop your comments if you have any queries or suggestions. And don’t forget to follow us for updates.


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