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Ahmedabad Zoo is a wonderful place to visit. Kamla Nehru zoo Ahmedabad has different species of animals, birds, and mammals. It is one of the most popular tourist places in Gujarat. With the vibes of nature, this wildlife park has a great ambiance to explore.

Kamla Nehru Zoo in Ahmedabad

After taking the tickets, we headed to this zoo. The sound of animals was thrilling. At first, we saw animals like lion, deer, and then some species of mammals. Then sightseeing of colorful cranes like painted stork cranes and the flamingo is awesome. Later, we saw ducks, pelicans, and then Siberian birds.

Turtoise in the Zoo
A view of turtoise

It is a large zoo so we tired. After taking rest for a few minutes, we moved ahead. In addition, Monkeys, chimpanzees, and species of parrots are other attractions of this zoo.

There is an interesting section of this zoo which is a gallery of mammals. It has all the species of mammals including snakes, and reptiles that catches the eyes of tourists. So, visiting this zoo is a great experience.

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Attractions of Kamla Nehru Zoo Ahmedabad

  • Mammal Gallery
  • Painted stork cranes
  • Lion and tiger
  • Blackbucks and cheetal
  • Species of parrots
  • Hippopotamus

How to reach Ahmedabad Zoo

This is easy to reach here because it is near to the city. You can reach here by hiring a taxi to reach kankaria lake. Then reach this zoo, which is in opposite side of kankaria lake.

Deers in ahmedabad zoo
Deers in ahmedabad zoo

Gujarat is one of the most famous tourist places in India. This is known for food, places, and rich culture. It is also popular for cleanliness. You can book holidays with us to explore Ahmedabad.

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Timings to visit kamla nehru zoo

Visiting time of this zoo is 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Entry Ticket of Ahmedabad Zoo

The cost of ticket to visit this zoo is 50 rupees for an Indian tourist.

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