Holi is the festival of colors. It is the festival to play colors and enjoy with friends and family. This is the most popular festival in India. However, there are many forms of this holi in India. But, it makes us exhilerating to celebrate this festival.

Importance in India

Every year, this festival comes in the month of March. Even foreign tourists like this festival. They enjoy the colors of Holi in India. Devotees of Lord Krishna celebrate this festival in temples. Even in other Hindu temples, peoples gather to enjoy this festival.

holi festival of India in mathura
A View of celebration in Mathura – source

Famous Places for Holi celebration in India

Many tourists come here to enjoy this festival. There are many places in India that are famous for the Holi celebration. These places are Mathura, Vrindavan, and Pushkar. Barsana is another popular place for its celebration with “sticks”. Yeah! it seems interesting.

Mathura is a town in the Uttar Pradesh district of India. This is a famous religious place because it is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. While traveling in India, it maybe a great experience to enjoy explore the colors in Mathura.

Vrindavan is another famous place for Devotees of Lord Krishna. It is near to Vrindavan. This place is popular as a popular destination for the celebration of this festival.

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Holika Dahan

This is a firing of wood a few days before the festival. It is base on a story of Prahlad and holika. In West bengal and Orissa, this is known by regional names.

Holi Date 2021

All the peoples of India celebrate Holi festival as a symbol of unity. Every year, it’s date varies. However, most of the time it is to be celebrated in the month of March. This is after the end of winter and before the start of summer in India.

In 2020, it’s date was 9th March. While holi date 2021 is 29th March. It is exciting because, after the celebration in 2020, all the tourists and peoples are waiting for the time to enjoy it.

Whenever you visit India, then you must experience such festivals. These festivals represent the culture of India.

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