Let’s discover Gujarat Science City of Ahmedabad, a science park with a museum and more attractions. This place features scienctific concepts in a practical representation making it worth-to-explore, especially for students and science lovers. In this guide, you will get all the information about Gujarat Science city Ahmedabad.

gujarat science city ahmedabad
Earth Center at Science City Ahmedabad

There is also a 3-D theatre where tourists can watch a movie in high definition. And, the demonstration of basic concepts of science in the museum makes it an exciting place. So, it is considered among the most famous tourist places in Ahmedabad.

Gujarat Science City of Ahmedabad

It lies just 17 kilometers from Ahmedabad. Gujarat Science City is a huge park with different sections that hosts an amphitheater, garden, 3-D cinema hall, and a museum. Everything in this science park has something unique for visitors.

At the entrance of this place, there are details of scientists with their research works. Then, you can experience the demonstration of missiles with their details. finally, it comes to a spectacular 3-D cinema hall that represents the virtual reality technology of science.

After some time, we headed to the museum which explains the science concepts practically. You can experience the demonstrations of science projects in various sections of this park.

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Things to Know Before Visiting Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad


  • 3-D cinema hall
  • Earth city
  • Science museum
  • Garden
  • Demo spaceship

Nearby Destinations

  • Kankaria Lake
  • Sabarmati Riverfront
  • Ahmedabad City Markets

Visiting Time

It may take around 2-3 hours to visit this science park. However, it may take a bit longer than this. Also, if you book a tour package for visiting Ahmedabad then it will be an amazing experience

Earth City Museum at Gujarat Science City of Ahmedabad

The earth city is another section of this place which is a wonderful place in the shape of the earth. There are separate portions of different branches of science- physics, agriculture, chemistry, and biology.

This is one of the best educational places in India that students must visit. With a deep understanding of most of the common topics of science, this science park of Ahmedabad attracts many tourists. There is a wide range of concepts in this park. These are optical fiber, water treatment, types of lenses, gravity, and many more.

science city of ahmedabad
Carvings on the stone!

There are also some other interesting things in this park. These are the statues of space scientists and spaceships. And, excitingly, you can also experience a ride in a demo spaceship(not a real one!)

7-D Cinema Hall

This is a theatre in this science park that represents the growth of science with time. Now, we can watch movies and shows in real-life experience which is popular as virtual reality.

In this theatre, you can watch a 7-D movie which is an enjoyable activity to experience in Ahmedabad. When you watch a movie in this theatre, it gives an amazing experience after wearing 3-D glasses.

This theatre is mostly surrounded by kids because this is the best place for an educational tour in Ahmedabad. It depicts the significance of science in life. The entry ticket to watch a movie in this theatre is 250 rupees for Indian tourists.

Garden in Science City of Ahmedabad

It’s a calm place in this science city. You will get tired after visiting all the sections of this park. So, this is the place to spend some time after your science city tour. You can also relax and take some rest in this peaceful garden for a while before going back to your daily life.

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How to Reach Gujarat Science City of Ahmedabad

Missile in ahmedabad science park
Missiles in the park!

This is 17 km away from the city. You can either pick up a bus from Kalupur railway station to Gujarat Science City which takes an hour. Also, hiring an auto or cab is a better option to reach here.

Entry Fee to visit Gujarat Science City Museum

The entry fee for tourists is 10 rupees. However, You have to pay individually for different sections of this park. So, the total cost of Gujarat Science City is 350 rupees including movie tickets(250rs.) and other experiences in this park.

Timings to Visit Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad

The visiting time of this park is 10:30 am to 7:30 pm. So, visit accordingly.

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Attractions of Science Park

statue in gujarat science city of Ahmedabad
A beautiful statue

There are a lot of things that attract tourists to this place. It’s not just an educational place but also shows the use of science in our daily lives. This place represents how science has changed our lifestyle. Every day we are getting benefits from the inventions of science. So, everyone must visit this wonderful place of Gujarat.

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Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad Video

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