Diwali is a festival of lights and joy. Every year it’s celebrated in memory of the victory of Lord Ram. This is one of the most popular festivals in India. It represents the culture, religion, and harmony of peoples.

diwali festival
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About Diwali

For most of the peoples, they celebrate it by meeting their relatives, friends and greet them with best wishes. This festival starts with the delicious traditional sweets of India. In addition, the tasty food, firecrackers, and the ambiance of joy make it much interesting.

Along with joy, peoples also pollute the environment by firecrackers. India is already facing a lot of pollution due to industrialization and excessive vehicles. So, everyone must understand the negative effects of firecrackers and such hazards to the environment.

Markets During Diwali Festival

On this precious occasion of the Dipawali festival in India, every city gets decoration with colorful lights. Lightening in markets is worth to explore during this festival. Therefore, locals and tourists visit markets during the Diwali festival.

With the crowded streets and enchants of diyas and lights, this festival gives hope for a bright future.

Cultural Traditions of Diwali Festival

cultural traditions of diwali festival
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There are many cultural traditions of the Diwali festival so, this occasion starts with the glowing diyas and shine of lights. With the sounds of firecrackers, kids also enjoy their Diwali vacations.

Common Traditions

  • Dhanteras
  • Chhoti Diwali
  • Laxmi Pooja
  • Govardhan Pooja
  • Bhai Dooj

In the Hindu religion, this festival has an important role. It’s a celebration of victory on evil powers. Lord ram killed a demon, Ravan who escaped Sita, the wife of Ram. And, when lord ram returned to their palace, peoples celebrated their victory on evil powers. So, until now we all celebrate this festival.

Diwali Date 2024

This year, Diwali date 2024 is 1st November. All over India, Diwali festival will be celebrated on this date.

Diwali Greetings

On this auspicious festival of Diwali, hope you will get everything you desire. With the glow of Diyas, your life glows with the lights of fortune.

May this Diwali fill prosperity and happiness in your life with the enchants of diyas.

I am a Fire and You are Patakha, together we are and double Dhamaka. Wishing you all a very happy Diwali.

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Diwali Pictures

diwali sweets
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firecrackers and lights
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