New Delhi is the capital of India. In this Delhi tour guide, you will know about all the famous things to do, attractions, street food corners and many more about delhi. It has historical importance as there are many tourist places to visit. Red Fort, India gate and Lotus temples are the most famous historical places of this city.

Delhi Tour Guide

Street Food in Delhi Tour

Delhi is also popular for delicious food. The most famous street food in this city is Chhole kulche and Paranthas. Parantha wali Gali is a famous street food corner of Delhi, where you can taste delicious paranthas of different types. These are paneer parantha, aloo parantha, and carrot paranthas.

This city is a witness of many dynasties of India. These are the Maurya empire, Gupta empire, Rajputs and the Mughals who ruled it for years. So, it has historical importance that shows the lifestyle of ancient times. However, there are many other things rather than history. These are the food, local culture and street shopping.

Red Fort of New Delhi
A view of Red fort

Visiting Markets in Delhi Tour

The local culture of Delhi is indeed unique. As this is the capital of India. So, Peoples from different states of India lives here. To experience local culture, tourists can visit the city markets like Chandni Chowk and Sarojini Nagar. These are the street markets that are most popular in Delhi. So, you must visit these markets.

New Delhi is one of the overcrowded cities of India. This metro city is rising as an industrial city for many years. With the rising population of India, industrialization is also increasing which makes this city most crowded in the world. However, this city most suffers from air pollution.

When you visit this city, travel by metro trains. You have to take a token ticket to reach the destination. But, safety in these crowded trains is a must, because there are many pickpocketers in this city. Always keep your wallet and mobile in a safe zone to avoid this.

A gurudwara near Chandni Chowk
A Gurudwara on the way to chandni chowk

Personal Experiences of Delhi Tour

I was planning to visit this city for a long time. I asked some of my friends. But, most of them were busy. So, I decided to travel alone. Then I booked my train tickets and reached here. As I had plans to visit Red fort and Chandni chowk markets. So, I reached Chandni chowk by Delhi metro which was overcrowded. It is very necessary to be aware of Pickpocketers.

Streets of delhi
A Rickshaw ride in the city

If you have one day to spend in New Delhi, then you can visit places like Red fort, and Chandni chowk markets. Also, don’t forget to taste mouth-watering food in this city.

Personal tips-

  • Stay away from Pickpocketers
  • Don’t trust anyone in this city
  • Avoid visiting unknown places without hiring a professional guide who knows well about the city

Attractions of Delhi

  • Red Fort
  • India Gate
  • Chandni Chowk
  • Local Markets of Delhi
  • Experience local street food

India travel is incomplete without visiting this city. It has many things to experience. Even this city is close to other destinations to visit in India. So, it makes easy to visit nearby tourist destinations.

Nearby destinations- Chandigarh

How to Reach Delhi

New Delhi is well connected with other cities of India. So, you can reach here by bus, train or flight at your convenience. Book tickets in advance to avoid the hassle. We offer ticket bookings of flights, buses, and Trains with exclusive discounts and offers. So, give us an opportunity to serve you.

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