Pushkar fair is one of the most popular fairs of Rajasthan that represents the Hindu religion with the blend of Indian culture. This Pushkar mela host in the sand-dunes of Pushkar town in Ajmer. Let’s get all the information about Pushkar fair and festival before your visit.

Pushkar fair
Pushkar Mela

Pushkar Mela (fair)

People from various parts of India come here to pray god Brahma and also take holy bath in months of ‘Kartik’. Kartik month is considered to be ideal for devotees to pray to god and visit the temple.

Pushkar fair is one of the largest camel fairs in India. This cattle fair includes Camels, horses, and also some other animals for sale. This fair is organized by locals and sellers.

Activities in Pushkar Fair

In this fair kid’s amusement is also available, but safety is a must. Camel rides and buggy rides are good experiences for adventure lovers. It costs around 300-400 rupees for a camel ride which takes an hour. You can also taste traditional Rajasthani food at this fair.

pushkar camel fair
Camel fair in pushkar

Stay in the desert may be a great experience. There are many packages for such activities sin Pushkar that includes all meals and sightseeing. Also, Camel safari makes the Pushkar fair so exciting for tourists.

Date of Pushkar Fair 2022

It hosts in the month of November-December every year. It is from 1st November to 9th november 2022.

Attractions of Pushkar Mela

  1. Puskar sarovar
  2. Brahma Temple
  3. Cattle Fair
  4. Camel Safari
  5. Local Markets
  6. Kids amusement activities
  7. Desert camping

Ghats near Pushkar Sarovar

There are temples at the ghats near pushkar sarovar. It has separate gates of each ghat. The sound of bells in the temples enchants the atmosphere all around. This place is one of the most popular spiritual places in Rajasthan. And, photography is not allowed at any of the ghats.

A holy lake
pushkar sarovar

Brahma Temple Near Pushkar Sarovar

Brahma temple which is near to Pushkar Sarovar. This temple is the most popular and only temple of Lord Brahma. So, the crowd at this temple is always high, but in months of Kartik(November-December), during Pushkar fair, the crowd is more than usual time.

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Subhash garden of Ajmer

Local Markets of Pushkar

This town is highly commercialized because most of the foreign and Indian tourists come here. Locals sell herbal products like Gulkand(made of rose petals), green tea, and also antiques which are really attractive. These are good quality products to purchase from the local markets of Pushkar.

If you like to buy some clothes from the local market then it may be a nice place because of the low cost and good quality. If you can bargain then it may reduce the cost. However, some shopkeepers don’t allow bargaining.

pushkar mela
Sunset View in Pushkar

Make Sure to – beware of pickpocketers, and hiring fake tour guides offering extremely low-cost tour packages. And, if shopkeepers ask for extremely high prices, then move to the next shop accordingly.

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