A tourist destination in Rajasthan, also famous as Lake City. We are talking about the Udaipur tour. This is a wonderful city of lakes surrounded by magnificent landscapes and a lot of tourist places. It is one of the most beautiful cities in India, so it is the most popular destination among international tourists.

udaipur tour guide
Udaipur tour!

Udaipur Tour Guide

Lakes in Udaipur

  • Fateh Sagar lake
  • Pichola lake

Fateh Sagar Lake

The magnificent lake of Udaipur has many attractions. With a pleasant ambiance, Fateh Sagar lake is a stunning lake in Udaipur.

There are serene views of landscapes behind this lake. And, also a lot of activities can be experienced, which are boat riding and camel riding. Along with all of these exciting things to do near Fateh Sagar lake, you can also enjoy the species of fish in front of this lake. There are beautiful fishes and aquatic creatures in this museum.

After a few steps, you will see a statue of a famous warrior of India, Maharana Pratap. He was a ruler of Mewar known for his bravery and self-respect.

On the left side of the lake, there are street food corners that serve the delicious traditional food of India. And, it is a must to try these street foods at least once during your India visit.

Pichola Lake

This is another lake in Udaipur which attracts a lot of tourists. It lies 5 kilometers from the city. Lake Pichola is near the City Palace Udaipur. So, it’s easy to reach here.

This pleasant lake is worth exploring because of the alluring views of the surroundings. And, boat riding in this lake makes it an inspiring place to visit.

camel ride in udaipur
Camel ride

Heritage in Udaipur Tour

  • City Palace Udaipur
  • Jagmandir Palace
  • Gulab Bagh

City Palace in Udaipur

City Palace is a museum with some antiques and also represents the lifestyle of Rajputs. There is a royal palace that was constructed by rulers of Mewar rulers.

The fountains, large entry gates, and finally the architecture. Everything portrays the amazing history and heritage of Udaipur. This palace also has interesting antiques with carvings on stone.

Hotels in Udaipur

There are many hotels in Udaipur. From luxury resorts to budget hotels, a lot of options are available for the convenience of tourists. Famous luxury hotels of Udaipur are Oberoi Vilas, Radisson blu, and Taj lake palace. While, budget hotels are backpacker panda, Kailash inn, and many more. You can book hotels with us at exclusive discounts and offers.

Best Time to Visit Udaipur

The best time to visit this city is winter especially, November-December. And, Rainy season is also a better option, i.e. September-October.

To know about the culture, history, and many more about Udaipur, you need to spend at least 2-3 days in this city. However, spending a week may be a great experience.

Attractions of Udaipur

The best tourist spots to visit in Udaipur are Fateh Sagar Lake and City Palace Museum which are wonderful places. In addition, Gulab bagh and Sahelian ki baari are also beautiful places to visit in Udaipur.

gulab bagh garden udaipur
Gulab bagh udaipur

About Udaipur Tour

This city is also known for the festivals and traditions of the Hindu religion. The Indian culture has many festivals that make it interesting to know about. One of the popular festivals of Udaipur is ”Gangaur”, a festival for women. In this, the women visit the temple and pray to Lord Shiva during the start of the rainy season.

The city is no doubt crowded like other cities in Rajasthan because it’s a famous tourist destination. Udaipur city attracts many tourists, even starting their trip from Udaipur. And, it is also well connected with other cities in India so it’s easy to reach here.

FAQs of Udaipur Tour

Q1. Is Udaipur an expensive city for tourists?

The Udaipur tour is not expensive. This is a budget city for domestic and international tourists as well.

Q2. What are the things to keep in mind before the Udaipur tour?

Hire a tour guide before your visit to Udaipur and also book hotels in advance to avoid any issues during the journey.

Q3. Why Udaipur is known as lake city?

It is famous as a lake city because there are a lot of lakes in this city, which makes it a wonderful place.

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