It was a rainy season, the weather was fine and there was no sun that day. When I came back home, I decided to go out with one of my friends. I called him and he said to join me. After a few minutes, he picked me from my home. I had a camera and him too. The purpose was just photography. But actually, it’s not just clicking pictures, it’s about keeping your eyes Open.

Panna meena ki bavri
Stepwell is known as Panna Meena ki Bavri
On the way, there are some elephants and some magnificent views of cut rocks as amber is located on a hilly area, so the way is in between rocks and some landscapes too. There are also some gates while entering the town, sometimes buses and vehicles get stuck there due to traffic congestion.

On the way

First, we went to a place, which was unknown to me. It was not other than a Stepwell (Bavri) which is known as “Panna Meena ki Bavdi“(a step well dedicated to someone). There were some peoples around including tourists. This step well is wide and has many steps. Bundi city is famous for step wells but you will definitely find some in other cities like Jaipur and Jodhpur.
This is a Baori which was constructed in the 16th century. It is an eight storey stepwell. It was used for a source of water and also for public gatherings. This is now a tourist spot in Jaipur. You don’t need to take any tickets here.
amber fort in evening
Amber fort at an evening
Some peacocks were screaming which made a delightful atmosphere. There are some fishes inside this well, and another attraction is the color of water seems green. (see pictures)
After an hour, it was dark so there was nothing to do or see. We headed back home then. On the way, we saw some beautiful views of the Amber fort which is near to this Stepwell. Most of the peoples don’t know about this place, even those who are living in Jaipur.

Visiting such places is best in the rainy season. Evening time is fine if can get there as its a bit far from the city. Though some good accommodation is easily available near this place, I don’t have any idea about prices so make sure to check before your visit.

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Jaipur has after all many places and you need a lot of time to know more about the city and its culture. If have any stories or experiences you can share below or if want to write guest posts then you can.
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