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You can visit Restaurants in Bhilwara to spend some time with friends. There are many coffee cafe in Bhilwara to visit. Cafe is a great place to chit-chat with our friends, relatives, and cousins. Sometimes, the place is much important than coffee or snacks. Only a few cafes provide the ambiance that you need. So, On this list, you will know the best restaurants and coffee cafe in bhilwara that you must visit.

Most Popular Coffee Cafe Restaurants in Bhilwara

coffee cafe in bhilwara
A cup of Coffee

Coffee Cafe Restaurants in Bhilwara for Couples

Way 2 Coffee

It is a popular cafe in the middle of Bhilwara city so it’s easy to reach here. It is a good place to visit. We ordered 2 cold coffee and a sandwich which were delicious. There are also some books on the shelf in this cafe. They serve a tasty and delicious breakfast. No matter if it’s tea time or evening, you can spend some quality time here.

1 cup of coffee – starts from 90 rs.

Sip And Gossip Cafe

The sip and gossip cafe in Bhilwara located at Shastri Nagar. I like the cold coffee they serve with cream. Price is almost the same to another cafe in the city but the quality is good. This cafe is famous among youngsters. Cafes are the best places to meet new peoples and hang out with friends. Celebrating a birthday or an event are good ideas to spend our time with friends or relatives.

I ordered a cold coffee and some snacks which were fine. The blowing air on the rooftop is really amazing to spend time with friends. You can also try other dishes like Punjabi and Rajasthani thali with many flavors.

A cup of coffee– starts from 95rs.

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The Ora Cafe

This is another popular coffee cafe in Bhilwara. It is a nice place with a great ambiance. You can hang out here with your girlfriend or even family. This roof-top coffee cafe in bhilwara is famous for magnificent themes and also some events.

It lies at the RC Vyas colony in Bhilwara which is a rooftop cafe. They deliver tasty coffee that you can sip in a nice environment. Along with Indian food, you can also get Italian food here. All veg dishes including Indian cuisines.

Coffee Cafe Restaurants in Bhilwara for Friends

filmi tadka restaurant in bhilwara
famous restaurants in bhilwara

Reliance Mall Cafe

A cafe in reliance mall located at Chittorgarh highway. It is also a good place to visit. This is my favorite because of its interior decoration. And other thing that I like is that it’s not much crowded. It makes easy to talk with your friends. Especially, if she is your girlfriend.

Bhagwati Coffee House

It is the low cost coffee cafe on the list. It is good for those who don’t want to spend much on a cup of coffee. This one is not as decorated as other ones. Indeed it is a nice place to socialize with your near ones. Mostly, this place is crowded in Bhilwara because it’s not as expensive as other cafes. And, also peoples can easily reach here as it is near to the city.

It lies on the first floor of Indraprastha tower. So, let’s have a cup of coffee.


Mugs 4 Bucks

The another famous cafe in Bhilwara that is popular for its amazing ambiance. With the royal interior look, this restaurant is the best place to spend some time with friends. And, it’s a good spot for taking selfies as well.

mugs for bucks bhilwara
Mugs 4 Bucks Cafe Bhilwara

On special occasions, they organize various interesting events. So, mugs for bucks is a great place to visit in Bhilwara. You can get a cup of coffee for 150 rupees. However, it depends on you to spend less or more. For 2 persons, it will cost around 1000 rupees to take some breakfast and drinks. So, why are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Note- *I do not have any contacts with these cafes, I am only recommending these on the basis of my personal experiences.

If have any questions or suggestions you are free to ask. And, also follow us on social media to stay connected.

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Popular Restaurants in Bhilwara

Who don’t like delicious food. I guess everyone! So, let’s discuss about all the popular restaurants of bhilwara where you can go with your friends or family.

Family Restaurants in Bhilwara

At a cafe in textile city
Dinner with family in bhilwara

Mirchi Restaurant

This is a among popular restaurants in bhilwara. It is known for the tasty and spicy food. You can get all the dishes in this restro. Also, the ambiance of this restaurant is very nice.

Saffron Family Restaurant

It also stands among famous restaurants of bhilwara. However, this is very expensive if you do not have cash in your pockets. The food is indeed delicious. But, sometimes they take much time to serve the food. And, there service is also very slow, especially on weekends.

Budget Restaurants in Bhilwara

Delhi Thali Restaurant

If you are looking for a thali restaurant in bhilwara. Then, this is the best one that fits for a family restro. Also, this is a budget resturant if you want to save some money. And, all vegetarian dishes are available in this restaurant.

Jain Bhojanshala

Jain restaurants are popular for it’s cleanliness and delicious food. There are jain restaurants all over India. You can find it in all major cities of rajasthan including bhilwara, jaipur, kota and many more. So, jain bhojanalaya is considered among the best restaurants in bhilwara. And, you don’t need to spend much on food.

Fast Food Restaurants in Bhilwara

TRC Restaurant at Bhilwara

Are you also a fast food lover?

Yes! then head to this fast food restaurant where you can taste some spicy and mouth-watering dishes. This is considered among best fast food restaurants in bhilwara. Especially, it’s famous for pizza, manchurian many more dishes. So, let’s try something delicious.

TRC restaurant
Restaurant of Bhilwara

Luxury Restaurants in Bhilwara

Tulip Continental

Do you need a luxury restaurant to spend time with your girlfriend or family? This deluxe restaurant is perfect spot to visit. However, it’s not good if you have tight budget. With great ambiance, this is considered among luxury restaurants in bhilwara.

Hotel Apsara

This hotel cum restaurant is another popular place for foodies. It is one of the oldest restaurants of bhilwara that is serving mouth watering food from years. This is not so expensive like other restaurants in bhilwara. So, you can visit this place with your family, and friends to enjoy delicious food.

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Freequently Asked Questions About Restaurants in Bhiwara

Q1. Which is the best family restaurant of bhilwara?

It depends from person to person. However, Mirchi restaurant is my favourite. But, it’s just my personal opinion.

Q2. Which is the cheapest restaurant of bhilwara?

If you have low budget, then jain bhojanalaya or delhi thali restaurant are the best option.

Q3. Which are the best restaurants in bhilwara to go with my girlfriend?

You can visit sip and gossip, way2coffee or TRC which are some popular places to visit in the city.

Q4. Where is food chaupati in bhilwara?

You can experience the tasty food of chaupati in bhilwara near shivaji garden, kumbha circle, and college road. There are multiple street-food corners in bhiwara.

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