Must try food in India

Indian food is rich in spices which have a different variety of flavors. It is spicy and flavourful. There are many kinds of dishes in India. Food in India varies according to the region. For instant, In norther India, they eat vegetarian in some places. While in Southern, non-vegetarian is much popular.

From north to south and east to west, you will know everything about Indian food after reading this. In this list, You will know about the popular food in India that you must try during your India visit.

Best Food in India You Must Try

Pani Puri 

Pani-Puri is the most favorite street food. It is a hollow round shape puri. After serving it with flavorful water it becomes so tasty. This is one of the most common and favorite street food in India. It is also famous as “Pani-patasha”, “Pani-puri” and “Puchka”.

Must try food in India
Pani Puri or Puchka- Source

Kachori and Samosa

Kachori and Samosa is another famous street food of India. A kind of snacks with the stuffing of potatoes. It becomes so delicious if served with tomato chutney. At some places, they serve it with curd. It is a tasty and spicy dish in India.

1 plate of kachori and samosa = 30 rupees

Vada Pav

A piece of bread is popular as “Pav” in South India. This bread is first fried and then stuffed with a mixture of vegetables. However, It looks like a doughnut But has a spicy taste. When it’s served with chutney, it becomes unbelievable. Also, The toppings of snacks (namkeen) make it toothsome.

This is the most popular street food in the Maharashtra state of India.
1 plate = 10-20 rs.  

Gulaab Jamun

Gulab Jamun
Gulab Jamun dipped in syrup- source

This is the most popular sweet in India. It is a round-shaped ball made of milk solids. It has sweetness because it’s dipped in sugar syrup. The fragrance of rose water and saffron in Gulab jamun is indeed enticing.

Pav Bhaji 

A pav is also a piece of buttered bread. But, it’s a bit different the one that we had in vada pav. It is rectangular in shape. In this, a Fried pav is to be served with Bhaji. Bhaji is a mixture of vegetables.  

Toppings of onion with lemon make it flavourful. It’s 1 plate = 30 rupees. You can try it at local street food corners in any city of India.  

Masala Dosa

Masala-Dosa is south-Indian food. This is a traditional food of India. It becomes mouth-watering when served with Coconut-Chutney and spicy sauces.

1 plate = 30-40 rupees

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Chowmin and Manchurian 

This is a famous Chinese dish. But, In India, it has spicy flavors. It can be Serve with buttercream toppings. This is not Indian food. However, Indian spices make it much different.

1 plate = 40-50 rs.


Bhel-Puri is a dish from South India. It is flavourful street food available on almost every street-stalls. Puffed rice with a mixture of spices and saucy chutney is an amazing dish for breakfast.

1 plate = 20 rs.   

Aloo Bada

It is a crunchy and spicy dish. It is a fried snack that is filled with potatoes. When served with tomato chutney, it becomes appetizing.

Aloo chaat of new Delhi maybe good food to try. It has a mixture of alu bada with curd and sauces.

1 plate = 10 rs.  

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A popular Indian dish from Gujarat. It is made of chana dal which has salty flavors. This food is the best match for morning breakfast.

Tips to try food in India

  • Keep an eye on the cleanliness of cook
  • Only visit a hygienic food corner

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Where to find Best food

Check the menu of the hotel where you are staying. And also, ask your tour guide about popular restaurants.

This is all about the Most Favourite street food in India. You can comment below to share your views. And don’t forget to follow us to get updates regularly.


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