Hotel Delice Bhilwara is a very popular hotel among tourists because of its good location. It is only 5 minutes of driving distance from the city railway station. This hotel also offers restaurant service with a continental and buffet breakfast.

hotel delice bhilwara
Hotel Delice in Bhilwara

Price: 3000 Rupees/night

Why Book Hotel Delice in Bhilwara


  • Govindam complex, Old RTO Road
  • 1 km from the city


  • Free Parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Air conditioning
  • Room service
  • Family rooms


  • Balcony, Terrace
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Banquet hall, Lounge, Business center
  • ATM on site

Facilities at Hotel Delice in Bhilwara


  • Restaurant available
  • Continental breakfast, food
  • Coffee cafe


  • Check-in: 12 pm
  • Check-out: 11 am
  • Valid Photo ID


  • Flat screen tv
  • Telephone
  • Internet

After submission of booking details, please make payment to confirm this hotel booking. For queries, feel free to contact us at 9588839997 or email at

More Details about Hotel Delice Bhilwara


It may vary depending on your date of booking. You will get a refund if the hotel allows it.


  • Good for 2 travelers
  • Perfect for family stay
  • Rating: 7/10
  • Couple friendly hotel in Bhilwara


  • Indoor games
  • Pets not allowed
  • Among popular hotels in Bhilwara

FAQs for Booking Hotel Delice Bhilwara

Q1. Are pets allowed at the hotel delice?

No. pets are not allowed.

Q2. How much does it cost to stay at Delice Bhilwara?

It may vary from booking dates. So, submit your booking details and make payment for the best prices at this hotel in Bhilwara.

Q3. How to reach this hotel?

You can reach here by hiring a cab or auto. Also, it’s close to the Bhilwara railway station.

Q4. Is parking available at this hotel in Bhilwara?

Yes. you will also get free parking at this property.

Q5. Which type of rooms is available at this hotel?

You can book deluxe, superior double, suite, and deluxe suites as per your requirement.

Q6. Which dishes are available at this hotel?

All regional and popular dishes are available at the restaurant of this hotel.

Q7. Can I cancel this hotel after booking?

It may vary. However, if this hotel allows free cancellation before check-in, then you may get a full refund. (t&c apply)

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