Pushkar is one of the famous religious places of India in the Hinduism. In this blog, you will know famous places to visit in Pushkar This place lies near Ajmer city of Rajasthan. This is widely popular for Holy Pushkar Sarovar, and Brahma temple. Also, camel fair and adventure activities are other attractions of Pushkar.  

Places to Visit in Pushkar

pushkar camel fair
Camel fair in pushkar

You will get all the information before visiting Pushkar including famous tourist places to visit in Pushkar, Activities, and other things not to miss during your trip.

Tourist Places to Visit in Pushkar

  1. Brahma temple
  2. Pushkar Sarovar
  3. Deserts in Pushkar(Camel ride)
  4. Local Markets
  5. Savitri temple(Ropeway)
  6. Pushkar Fair

1. Brahma Temple In Pushkar

This is the temple of Lord Brahma, lies in the middle of Pushkar town. It is a magnificent temple that was made in the 14th century. And, it portrays the awe-inspiring architecture with the blend of spirituality.

Devottees can buy some prasad and flowers (Phool mala) before entering in Brahma temple which is a few steps ahead of this lake. You will find beautiful sculptures inside the temple. And, from the windows of the temple, you can see some beautiful views as it lies above ground level.

Visitors come here and pray lord Brahma. The beautiful idol of Brahma ji makes this temple very attractive. However, camera is not allowed inside the temple.

2. Pushkar Sarovar

Pushkar Sarovar, is a natural lake . In months of “Shukla Kartik Purnima” (November in the English calendar), devotees of Lord Brahma come here to this temple and take a holy bath at this lake.

Meaning of the word Pushkar is “Blue Lotus”. It came from a lake famous as “Pushkar Sarovar” resembles with lotus flower. There are many ghats that have different names. Brahma Ghat is one of them. You can feed pigeons and fish at this lake. If you believe in god or if you are spiritual then you can hire a pandit to pray for you.

Pushkar temple with lake
pushkar sarovar

There are around 52 Ghats at Pushkar Sarovar. Some of the Ghats and temples were built in the 18th century. The rennovation has also been done since it’s construction.

3. Camel Ride In Pushkar

Camel ride is another attraction of Pushkar. You can experience camel ride at other places of Rajasthan as well.However, Experiencing a camel ride in Pushkar is much exciting because of its desert areas. When a camel walks and runs on sandy deserts, the feeling is spectacular. I can’t even describe it.

This ride also includes a break and they also show you a Haveli which was used for shooting a Bollywood blockbuster movie, I don’t remember the name of movie. And, a rose garden is also famous for farming roses and making “Gulkand” (a sweet eatable made of rose petals). There are many more interesting historical things you can know if you hire a tour guide. Also, Horse riding is available in Pushkar deserts. The colorful horses makes this place amazing.

4. Local Market

In the local market of Pushkar, the first thing is crowd of tourists who come from different places. You will find antiques and herbal products in this market including green tea, Mehandi, and many other random items that are easily available. And, clothes including t-shirts and Rajasthani suits are also available in Pushkar markets at reasonable prices. If you know how to bargain, you can go ahead for shopping in Pushkar.

Pushkar fair
Pushkar markets

I suggest to buy rose water and gulkand which is made of fresh rose petals, as there are rose farms in this town.

Tip : 
This place is fine but be aware of pickpocketers.

5. Savitri Temple Rope Way : 

rajasthan tour package
view from savitri temple

There is a ropeway in just the back side of the Savitri temple that gives a panoramic view of the city. To reach Savitri temple there are two options. One option is to use stairs which takes approximately 20 minutes to reach top. It’s very tiring but the views are worth.And, second option is to pay for Gondola/Ropeway which takes just 10 minutes. However, you may need to wait for long if visiting in peak season.

Overall it’s a great experience for adventure lovers. And, pushkar is undoubtedly a heaven for spiritual and religious tourists.

6. Pushkar Fair

This fair is organized in Pushkar in the month of Kartik (November). It is also famous for its camel fair and Camel racing. Peoples buy and sell their animals especially camel, cows, and horses in this fair. Also, hot air balloons and cultural festivals catch the eyes all around this fair.

The most interesting thing of this fair is the Rajasthani folk music and dance programs which represents the culture of Rajasthan.

Pushkar Distance from Ajmer

This amazing place is just 10 kilometers from Ajmer. You can reach here by public transportation or private vehicle. The roadways bus takes around 40 minutes from Ajmer. However, with private taxi or personal vehicle you can reach here in 25 minutes.

The nearest airport to Pushkar is “Kishangarh airport”

Public Transport

  • Takes 45 minutes
  • Ticket starts at 20 rupees per person

Private Taxi

  • Takes 30 minutes
  • Cost varies as per plan

Information About Tourist Places in Pushkar

Pushkar is well known for its sacred lake “Pushkar lake”. Many devotees come here in the month of Kartik(October/November) and take a dip in this lake. They believe that its water is pure and can cure problems in their lives. There are multiple ghats at this lake. Especially, Gau ghat, and varah ghat are highly crowded. Also, visitors can join evening arti to get some positive vibes.

FAQ’s of Places to Visit in Pushkar

Q1. Which are the most famous places to visit in Pushkar?

You can visit Pushkar ghats, Brahma temple to experience rich culture of this town

Q2. How far is Pushkar from Ajmer?

It’s just 13 kilometers from Ajmer which takes roughly 30 minutes

Q3. Can I reach Pushkar by train?

Yes. railway station is available in Pushkar. However, buses are much easily available as compare to trains

Q4. Can I get budget hotels in Pushkar?

Yes. There are plenty of good budget friendly hotels at Pushkar. You can get hotel stay starting at just 500 rupees for one room.

Q5. Shall I book Pushkar tour package?

If you have good budget and want to experience pushkar in a planned manner. Go ahead and book your trip with us. We will surely make it a great experience for you.

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