Pushkar is one of holy place of India in Hindu religion. This place comes in Ajmer district of Rajashthan. This is Famous for Brahma temple which is the most popular Brahma temple. Camel Fair is other attraction of Pushkar.  

Pushkar is well known for a sacred lake “Pushkar lake”. Many devotees come here every year in the month of Kartik and dip in this lake as they believe that its water is pure and can cure problems in their lives. There are many pigeons and cows too. Evening Arti is very popular among devotees.

This is located about 10 kilometres to Ajmer. This is a holy place and mostly known for Brahma temple. This is a temple which is in the middle of Pushkar town. This is a nice temple which was made in the 14th century. Some of the Ghats and temples were built in the 18th century.

You can buy some prasad and some flower (Phool mala) before entering in Brahma temple which is a few steps ahead of this lake. There are different kind of sculptures. From the windows inside the temple, you can see some beautiful views as it is located above ground level. There are some small temples in the base of this temple.

Meaning of this word Pushkar is “Blue Lotus”. It came from a lake Known as “Pushkar Sarovar” which is in shape of a lotus. There are many ghats which have different names. Brahma Ghat is one of them. You can feed pigeons and fish at this lake. If you believe in god or if you are spiritual then you can ask “pandit to pray for you”. You can plunge in this lake. But keep this place clean too.

Many peoples do not keep in mind about cleanliness which is not good. If they are visiting a place then they should keep it clean.

Attractions in Pushkar :

  1. Brahma temple
  2. Camel ride (camel fair)
  3. Local Market
  4. Ropeway at Savitri temple
  5. Pushkar Fair

1. Brahma Temple In Pushkar

This is the temple of Lord Brahma, located in Pushkar town. There is a lake, known as Pushkar Sarovar, which is a natural lake. In months of “Shukla Kartik Purnima” (November in English calendar), devotees of Lord Brahma come here at this temple and take a holy bath at this lake.

Along with spirituality, this is also a tourist place. As this town has a look like a desert in central Rajasthan, and charm of camel rides, it all attracts tourists all over India as well as foreign.

Pushkar lake and landscapes view
Lake and Landscapes view
Pushkar lake sarovar
Pushkar Lake

There are around 52 Ghats at Pushkar Sarovar, Brahma that is just near to the temple of lord Brahma. Devotees come here and pray. No camera is allowed inside the temple.

2. Camel Ride In Pushkar :

Camel ride is another thing which may attract anyone. Though its also available in other major cities of Rajasthan, Experiencing a camel ride is much different because of its desert areas. When a camel walks and runs on sandy deserts, the feeling is spectacular.

This ride also includes a stop and they also show you a Haveli which was used for shooting of a Bollywood blockbuster movie, and rose garden which is famous for farming of rose and making “Gulkand” (a sweet eatable made of rose petals).

Horse riding is also available here if you like to. These colourful horses can attract anyone.

3. Local Market : 

In local market of Pushkar town, the first thing is many tourists who comes from different cities and countries. Antiques , and herbal products are most found in this market including green tea, mehandi and many other random items are easily available. Clothes like t-shirts, and some rajasthani look suits are also easily available at reasonable prices. If you know how to bargain, you can make some good purchase here in pushkar.

You can buy rose water and gulkand which is made of rose petals, as they grow rose farms in this town .

Tip : 
This place is fine but be aware of pickpocketers.

4. Rope Way : 

A Rope way in just back side of the temple gives a beautiful view. Its located hill, which moves from top to bottom which may be a good experience for adventure. This rope way is located near Savitri temple.

5. Pushkar Fair : 

This fair is organised in Pushkar in the month of Kartik (November). It is also famous for camel fair. Peoples sell and buy their animals like camel, cow and many others here. Air balloons and cultural festivals catch eyes all around in this fair.  Camel racing is another attraction of this fair. Musicians with rajasthani folk instruments make some unconceivable sounds.

Why pushkar attract tourists : 

Its culture, places to visit, and varities as there are many things to do in pushkar including camel ride, pushkar fair and holy lake everything has something which may attract anyone.

How To Reach Pushkar :

Pushkar is 10 km from ajmer city so its easy to reach here by bus. You can pickup bus by Roadways bus stand in ajmer. Or directly hire a taxi or cab from ajmer city.

Nearest airport to this town is “Kishangarh airport”.

Cost to reach: 

It will take around 30 Rs. to reach pushkar from ajmer via bus or about 200 rs. if you hire a taxi.

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