Mandore garden is a witness to the interesting history of Jodhpur. The magnificent architecture of Mandore temples describes the heritage of Rajasthan.

Mandore temple view from garden
Mandore garden

Mandore Garden and Temples

History of Mandore

Mandavyapur was ruled by Pratiharas. Later, it was under the rule of Rathor clan of Rajputs. Rao Jodha, the king who established Jodhpur, ruled Mandore for years. So, it was a ruling place of Jodhpur and its nearby regions, which were popular as the “Marwar” of Rajasthan.

Temples in Mandore Garden

Design and architecture inside these memorials are magnificent. It seems like they worked really hard to make such beautiful designs. The most surprising thing about mandore temples is that there are not just one or two memorials But, many memorials. These are illustrated with some unique and ravishing designs of architecture.

mandore temples in jodhpur
Temples in mandore

There are many memorials of royal families in Mandore. And, the temples in mandore also have importance because of beautiful carvings on the stone.

Attractions of Mandore Garden

  • Memorials of rulers
  • Garden
  • Temples
  • Lotus pond

Personal Experience

Near to the entry gate, there are some musicians who play a musical instrument, “RawanHattha”. It is an instrument of coconut shell with the strings that sounds pleasant music.

Cleanliness in Mandore is so impressive. And, the tourists also take care of it while visiting mandore temples.

Alluring Sculptures!


There is also a garden near these temples. This garden has an amusement park for kids which may be entertaining if going there with kids.

There is a Lotus pond in the mandore garden. Visitors spend time near this pond, which is indeed a calm and pleasant place.

Lotus Pond in the garden
Lotus Pond in Mandore garden

After visiting this garden and the memorials of mandore, there is another temple, popular as “Bheru Ji temple” and also an amusement park for kids.

How to Reach Mandore

It lies just 10 kilometers away from the city which is well connected with local transportation. You can book a cab to reach here. And, the city bus is also available.

Entry Fee

There is no entry ticket to visit this place.

Time to Visit Mandore Temples

The best time to visit mandore temples is morning. It takes around 3 hours to explore all the things in mandore.

About Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a city of historical tourist places. There are many things to do in this city which are visiting crowded markets and trying some street foods. The food in Jodhpur has a very spicy taste with amazing flavors.

The best to visit Jodhpur is winters because it’s so hot during summers.

Nearby places to visit- Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mehrangarh Fort, Clock Tower, Local Markets.

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