Maybe you are confused if visiting India is good for female tourists. In this post, we will discuss if India is safe for womens or not. This is the best guide to know before you explore this South Asian country. This tour guide is completely based on the personal experiences of foreign tourists who have already visited India as a solo female traveler.

India safe for womens
Solo female tourist in India- Source

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Is India Safe For Womens?

Most of the female tourists are in a dilemma of thinking about their safety while visiting India. This is an overpopulated and developed country. Some of the tourists face problems visiting such crowded places. While others enjoy the situation.

No city in the world is safe or unsafe. It’s up to you to stay safe during foreign trips. There are some safety tips that you can follow. So, read the local newspaper, watch the news on the television. In addition, hiring a local tour guide is a better option if you are confused about your safety.

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Best Places to visit in India

There are many tour companies and agencies that offer personal guides and also takes care of everything. So, if you need someone who can keep you safe and secure, then hiring a tour guide is obviously a good idea. But, what if you have a low budget? No problem. We have some tips for you.

Foreigner women tourist solo
Female tourist taking selfie- Source
  • Hire a local tour guide
  • Talk to locals if need assistance
  • Search online about places before your visit

Public Transportation

Public transportation in India may be a nightmare if you belong to the US or Europe. Most of the public bus and trains gets overcrowded. Especially, women may get uncomfortable while traveling in such situations. So, to avoid this, you can book a taxi or prepaid cab. However, many peoples love to travel in crowded trains and buses.

Tourist Places

Sightseeing in India attracts many tourists. If you ask “Womens safe in India during sightseeing?” then the answer is yes. There are many responsible peoples in India who take care of female tourists. So, no need to worry before traveling as a solo woman in India.

Tips for Solo Womens Safety During India Tour

  • Avoid visiting unsafe places. You can ask about it by your tour guide or a reliable travel agency
  • If you are a solo female tourist, then avoid roaming in the nights
  • Try to wear traditional Indian dress if possible
  • Keep contact number of emergency tourist helpline. Visit this official India tourism helpline if you need assistance.

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FAQ’s About India Safe For Womens

Q. Is India safe to travel for solo female tourists?

Yes. It’s a safe place for solo tourists. However, there are some places which may not be good to travel solo. So, hiring a tour guide may be the better option for such places.

Q. Which places are safe for womens solo trip?

Almost all major cities of India are safe for female tourists. These are Jaipur, Chandigarh, Indore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and many more.

Q. Tips to know before planning solo female tour in India?

Avoid public transport if possible including city bus, and local trains. And, always book tickets in advance to stay safe and comfortable.

Q. How to stay safe in overcrowded city transportation in India(as a female tourist)?

You may be uncomfortable in such a situation. So, better to book a personal cab/taxi to avoid this.

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