festival in Jaipur

Jaipur is a city of festivals and traditions that portrays Indian culture. There are many festivals in Jaipur which are world-famous. Along with festivals, traditional fairs in Jaipur are also interesting to experience.

Paper lantern Festival

Festivals in Jaipur

Elephant Festival

This is the most popular festival in Jaipur. In this festival, elephants perform various exciting activities. They follow the instructions of their guide to dance, play, and participate in the tournaments. And, the paintings on their body makes this festival interesting. However, painting is now banned because of its harmful effects on their body.

Celebration- In March

Jaipur Dussehra Festival

Dussehra is the festival of Hindu religion which gets celebrated every year. This is a popular festival in India. But, the Dussehra in Jaipur is famous for the amazing celebration. Vidhya Dhar Nagar Stadium, Azad Nagar maidan and Ramleela maidan are famous for the celebration of Dussehra.

Celebration- In October (before Diwali)

International Kite Festival

Another festival that locals of Pink city celebrate is the Kite festival. On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, the sky becomes colorful with a lot of kites. This festival is one of the popular festivals among jaipurites. So, an International kite festival organizes every year for the appreciation of such passion.

Celebration- In January (14th January)

Paper Lantern Festival

This is the less common festival in Jaipur. Peoples gather and celebrate this festival together with the shining lanterns. The paper lanterns make sky magnificent with the shine in the dark. So, locals and tourists celebrate this festival every year in Jaipur.

festivals in Jaipur
Paper lantern festival

It gives a breathless view all around. Peoples looks very happy and their faces are really inspiring during the celebration. However, it is not the usual festival in Jaipur. But, these small events encourage us to work hard and stay positive.

Location- Jalmahal

Celebration- In November-December

Light enlightens the lantern
and a lantern gives a hope

Niks Joshi

Traditional Festivals in Jaipur

Teej Festival

festival in Jaipur
Festival in Jaipur- image

This is the traditional festival of Jaipur, celebrated by women every year. They pray teej mata for good marital life. This festival has importance in the welfare of women, especially in rural areas.

Celebration- September

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FAQ’s about Festivals in Jaipur

Q1. which is the famous festival of Jaipur?

Teej is the most popular among all.

Q2. Why there are so many festivals in India?

It’s because of the beautiful culture and traditions of India.

Q3. How to participate in such festivals?

You need to know about the location and timing of the celebration. In addition, hiring a tour guide is a better option who can provide tourist information.

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