Paper Lantern Festival  

Light enlightens the lantern
and a lantern enlightens a hope

                                                                         – Niks Joshi

Jaipur is a city of festivals and heritage. there are many festivals which peoples celebrate here in this city. Some of these are organized by authorities and rest by customs and faith of peoples.

When I was in Jaipur, I was passing through a palace, called Jalmahal palace. I didn’t knew about this festival. It was an Paper lantern festival. There were colorful lanterns which were given by organizers in free. There were too many peoples all around.

As I was alone, so it was not possible for me to enlighten a paper lantern without any help as you have to hold it and then put a flame near its lantern. There was a girl who was in a queue to bring lantern (As that event organizer was distributing), then I asked her about the detail of the event. She told me about it. then i asked her “Can i join you? “

She was thoughtful for few seconds, and then she said Yes. Then she introduced me with her brother and her other friend. It was nice to meet them.
As it was around 8 pm, it was dark and winter too. Then we were all set to enlighten those lanterns. There were many photographers and tourists. As such events are not being organized usually.

It was a nice view (As you can see in pictures), that was a breathless view all around. Peoples were looking too happy and those faces were really inspiring. though it was not the usual festival which we celebrate, these small events may encourage us to work hard and keep on whatever we are doing.

We took many pictures, in phones and camera. and it was a nice conversation with those new peoples. After all this, it was over and we see off to everyone whom we met.

When I was going back home, I again met a photographer (who is my friend now). If we meet new peoples, we can learn many good things which give many experiences but Being careful is good.
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Anonymous · December 11, 2018 at 10:29 pm

this is really amazing post. keep it up. I like this story.

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