Kankaria Lake in Ahmedabad is an awesome place to visit. The mesmerizing views of this lake make it a must-visit tourist place in Ahmedabad. This is a man-made lake, which was built by Ahmad Shah in the 15th century. Later, it was reconstructed by some other rulers.

It was named “kankaria lake” as a large quantity of stone (Kankar) was found during the construction of this lake. This is a circular shape lake which is one of the largest lakes of Ahmedabad. There is also a garden and a zoo around this lake which is a wonderful place to spend some time.

Kamla Nehru Zoo

A zoo near this lake which is Kamla Nehru Zoo. This zoo is popular among local tourists as well. There are many species of animals and birds in this zoo. These are snakes, cranes, and species of birds which are the things of attraction, especially for kids.

Zoo In Ahmedabad at kankaria lake
A Zoo near kankaria lake

The attraction of this zoo are migrating birds which has beautiful colors. And also, the roar of lion makes it so exciting when you explore this zoo. However, it is easy to reach here. So, you can visit this place anytime. Know more about Kamla Nehru zoo.

Speed Boating

If you love speed, then experience speed boating at this lake. With the blowing wind, you can feel the speed by riding a boat. There are electric boats available which may be adventuresome. However, you must are about safety too.

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Butterfly Garden

Another attraction of this lake is the butterfly garden. This is a garden with flowers and fountains. You can feel the nature along with butterflies in this garden.

This garden is in front of this lake. You have to take a ticket of 10 rupees to visit this garden. Also, the magnificent views of surroundings from this garden are indeed amazing.

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Bicycle Ride

Riding a bicycle on the track of this lake is another activity to experience at this lake. It is not easy to ride a cycle on overcrowded streets. So, you can ride it freely on the track of this lake.

You must do some activities like riding a bicycle before returning to home. It will definitely revitalize your body.

Personal Experience

I reached here at 8:30 am but, entry time is 9 am. So, I wait for 30 minutes. After this, I took tickets and headed inside.

The views of this lake are pleasant. Sunshine of the morning was enchanting. After walking for a few minutes, I took some rest. Then I visited a butterfly garden and later the zoo. It took about 3-4 hours to visit this lake.

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Attractions of Kankaria Lake

  • Views of the lake
  • Speed boating
  • Wildlife zoo
  • Butterfly garden
  • Bicycle Ride
  • Street food
  • Jogging track

Time to visit Kankaria lake in ahmedabad

The best time to visit this lake is the morning. It may take about 3-4 hours to experience all the activities near this lake.

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