We all have friends and we want to spend some time with them. Cafe’s are a good place to chat with our friends, relatives, and cousins. Sometimes, the place is more important than coffee or snacks. Isn’t it? In this post, I am going to share places you can visit in Bhilwara to have some good time with your friends.

Way 2 Coffee :

This is a cafe in the middle of Bhilwara city so it’s easy to reach here. It is a good place to visit. We ordered 2 cold coffee and a sandwich which were delicious.

There are also some books on the shelf in this cafe. They serve a tasty and delicious breakfast. No matter if it’s tea time or evening, you can spend some quality time here.

1 cup of coffee – starts from 90 rs.

Sip And Gossip Cafe : 

This is another cafe at Shastri Nagar in Bhilwara. I like the cold coffee they serve with cream. Price is almost the same to another cafe in the city but the quality is good.

I ordered a cold coffee and some snacks which were fine. The blowing air on the rooftop is really amazing to spend time with friends. You can also try other dishes like Punjabi and Rajasthani thali with many flavors.

This cafe is famous among youngsters. Cafes are the best places to meet new peoples and hang out with friends. Celebrating a birthday or an event are good ideas to spend our time with friends or relatives.

A cup of coffee- starts from 95rs.

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Note- *I do not have any contacts with these cafes, I am only recommending these on basis of my personal experiences. If have any questions or suggestions you are free to ask.

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