A few days ago I was going somewhere via a highway. In this blog, I am going to share what I see there.

an unknown location
Unknown Location

It was a Sunday morning. I woke up at 5 and left home at 6. It was a ride on my bike. I was alone that morning. When i was passing through that highway, i saw some unique rock-like structures that i hadn’t seen before near that city. then after having a look at this, i took a u-turn without thinking.
After this turn on the way, I didn’t found such structures even after more than two kilometres. There was no one whom I can ask about it. it was a forest area surrounded with green trees. After this, I found that structure that i was looking for.

As i found what i was searching so I took a deep breath. I was feeling good that finally i reached but it was like one face of a coin. I can see that place on a height but i couldn’t find route to reach on the top. Though i took some pictures there. so it was worth going there. I felt those landscapes near to me that was awesome.

All these things like Nature, some unique structures of rocks made my day much better than usual boring days. that’s the only reason it may be good to go some new and unknown places sometimes.

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