Living abroad has always been very exciting. It opens the doors of your career. Canada is a wonderful place to live in the world. But, do you think that getting a Canadian visa from India is easy? It’s only possible if you follow the appropriate steps to get a Canada visa in India.

canadian visa from india
Get Visa of Canada from India- Source

Canada is a developed country with more opportunities in various sectors including information technology, production, agriculture and education. By comparing it with India, it has very less population and low competition to get opportunities. And, also has higher wages and better work culture to polish up your skills in professional career.

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Benefits of Getting a Canadian Visa from India

There are several benefits to immigrate to Canada from India. It may vary from person to person. If you are a student and looking for a more reliable education system, then Canada is the best place to pursue your higher education. While, if you are expecting a good salary job then also it’s a perfect match to fulfill your ambitions.

More Jobs and Less Competition

The population of Canada is just one-third of the Indian population. While it has an area around 3 times than India. So, you can guess that the competition is obviously very less. It makes Canada a perfect fit if you are looking for getting a good job. And, it is also a developed country that has a lot of career opportunities. Especially, in the technology, hospitality, and agriculture sectors.

Advanced Healthcare system

Every Canadian citizen gets the benefits of the most advanced healthcare system. The government has multiple health policies to make every citizen of Canada physically and mentally fit. So, probably you will be healthy and get the proper health care whenever needed.

Higher Salaries and Fewer Work Hours

This is one of the most popular reasons to immigrate to Canada if you are an India. India has very low wages for the same job role as compared to Canada. Even after working more than 48 hours a week, the average salary in India is very low. On the other hand, if you get a Canadian visa from India, then there is a high possibility that you will be paid much more. And, work hours are also less than in India.

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Perfect Education System

Education sector of Canada is an example for the other countries of world. With high end technology and experienced faculties, you can get your school or university degree by getting a canadian visa from india. To make your career shine bright, you can take this opportunity to shift to canada by simple immigration process.

student visa in canada
Get student visa for higher studies- Source

Pleasing Environment and Beautiful Places to Explore

Canada has many locations that offer wonderful places with high paying jobs. These places are Calgary, Ontario, Alberta, saint john, Toronto, and many more. There are tourists places that also attracts a lot of travelers all around the world. With a peaceful and beautiful environment, you can live an awesome life in Canada.

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Steps to Apply For Canadian Visa From India

Express Entry Programm

This is the visa program for foreign nationals who want to get a Canadian visa. It is the fastest of all other programs. However, it has some formalities that may be stressful if you have no idea about it.

Education Visa or Work Permit

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme

This program is the best fit for those who want to get higher education from Canada. And, also for skilled professionals who have got the job offer letter from the company they applied to.

In short- If you want to get admission for higher education in Canada, then you have to pass an exam. Then, apply to the university of your interest. They will interview and you get admission. After it, get a visa to Canada from India. Also, for getting a job in Canada, you need to provide previous job experience if you are a skilled professional.

Also, visit this official website of canada Government.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canadian Visa From India

Q. How much does it cost to get a canadian visa from India?

It varies for all applicants as per the requirement of individual. To get details, kindly contact us to get help in getting a visa easily.

Q. How far is canada from India?

It lies around 10 thousand kilometers away from India.

Q. How will I get a Job in Canada?

You have to apply on various job portals including monster, Canada jobs, indeed, and many more. However, you can also contact a trustworthy recruitment agency to get a job in Canada easily.

Q. Is it easy to get a canada visa if I am an Indian citizen?

If you follow a proper process, then it is easy. While, if you make any mistake, it will close the doors of opportunities for you.

Q. Work permit or education visa, which one is easy to get?

You can only get a work permit in Canada if you already have a full-time job offer letter. While you can get a student visa if you have just completed a bachelor’s and looking for higher education.

How to Reach Canada From India

This is well connected to India by air routes. You can book flight tickets to Ottawa, Montreal, Ontario, Calgary, Vancouver, or any other place in Canada. We offer affordable and the best flight bookings that satisfy our customers. For easy bookings, contact us now.

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When Should you Get Canadian Visa From India

If you have plans to settle in canada then this is the best time to apply for a canadian visa. Also, if you have decided to get higher education degree or already applied for job. Then, probably you can get more opportunities to brighten you career.


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    1. You need to apply using job portals including Canada jobs, indeed and monster jobs in your field of interest. Also, you can contact a reliable recruitment agency. For counselling, fill the form above.

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