A passport is proof of nationality and identity. For international travel, it is a must. It makes easy to identify the person who is traveling. You have to verify yourself as a citizen of the country before you get it. In India, you can easily get a passport to explore the world.

If you have ambitions to travel the world, then this is the first thing that you need as soon as possible. Keep yourself prepared to see the world. In most countries, it is not essential to have a passport for domestic travel. But, you need a passport for international journeys.

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Process to Get a Passport

Get a Passport in India Process

Apply online

First, you have to apply online on the official website of the government of India. To apply online, you need all the essential documents as mentioned below. Also, you have to pay an amount of 1500 rupees as an application fee. But, If you want a passport immediately, then apply with tatkal service which costs 3500 rupees.

Official website – To apply for Passport

Required documents-

PAN card, Voter card, or Aadhar card as an address proof. The House utility bill and mark sheet of secondary level are the documents that you need before applying online. However, for registration, you don’t need any of these documents.

Verify yourself

This is the second step of this process. After some days, you have to visit the passport office nearest to your location. In all states of India, there are sufficient offices. So, it depends on your locality. Also, You can check it on the official website of the Indian government.

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Applicants need to get verified by replying to questions being asked by authorities. You have to tell them why you need a passport and what will you do after getting it. ( Don’t worry! It’s just like making a cup coffee)

How to Get A Passport in India

Process to Get your passport

After the verification process, you get a passport. It takes around 20-25 days which may vary. Also, visit the official website to download a copy. Now, you can travel the world without any hassle. So, why are you waiting for? pack your bag and book a flight to a perfect destination you thought of.

Cost of Getting an Indian Passport

It takes around 1500 as an application fee plus GST if applicable. There are no additional charges except this fee. When you make a payment, there is an option of 36 and 60 pages in the booklet. So, if you are an avid traveler then chose 60 pages which affect the total cost.

Advantages of Getting a Passport

Passport India
Travel With a Passport
  1. You can travel the world
  2. Use it as an identity as it is the most valuable identity proof of citizenship
  3. Apply for foreign study and jobs easily. As most of the international employers need candidates with a passport. So, this is the most useful that you need to boost your career.

Tips before you Apply

Apply online with the help of a professional because your application can be rejected just for a single mistake. So, better to save your time than money. It takes around 500-1000 rupees to hire a professional who applies with all of your essential documents and guide you about the process.

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How to Get A Passport in India Online

We help for the application of passport. We provide the complete guidance with application process. For more details, please contact us or enter your details below.

How to Get A Passport in India Under 20 Days

The process of passport application takes time of around 30 days. However, you can apply for urgent passport in case you need it as soon as possible. However, it may also take atleast 15 to 20 days. For more details, please check the official website of Passport authority of India or contact us.

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