Jaipur is a great city to explore. There are many things to experience. This is the city famous for historical places, jewellery, handicrafts, and many more.

As tourists attract to Jaipur they visit and bring some memories from this city. Here is a list of the top 10 things Jaipur is famous for including what to do and see in the city

  • Tourism:

This city is very popular for tourism. Its rich history attracts peoples to visit Jaipur. There are some forts, monuments, and parks, which everyone would like to see. The most famous tourist places in Jaipur are Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Hawa Mahal, and the City Palace, which every tourist should visit to know about the history and royal lifestyle of Jaipur.

hawa mahal at badi chaupar jaipur
Hawa Mahal
Jaipur is famous for haveli and museums. Most of the haveli’s are now turned into luxury hotels. The panoramic views of Jaipur with landscapes make it a great destination for tourists.

  • Handicraft:

Jaipur is famous for handicraft. Hand-made Clothes, antiques, carpets, and many more things are famous in Jaipur. Especially clothes made of traditional khadi and antiques attracts many Foreigner and Indian tourists to buy something from the pink city.

Peoples travel to Jaipur for its wide variety of handicrafts.
Apart from all this, sculptures made up of marble are no doubt things of the strike.

sculptures in jaipur made of marble at delhi highway
Sculpture made of marble

Where to Find:

Handicraft shops are located near Ramgarh mode, Jalmahal, and some other places. You can hire a tour guide to know more about such handicraft shops and galleries.

  • Blue Pottery:

This is an art, in which pots and ceramic items are being painted in an extremely fascinating style. These pots look magnificent with some elegant colors. This is a very old art of Jaipur which was brought to India by a former ruler of Jaipur, Sawai Man Singh. Blue pottery of Jaipur is famous in India.

an art shop near sindhi camp jaipur
Art shop in Jaipur

Where to find:

At shops near to popular places like Badi chaupar, Jalmahal, sindhi camp, and some other tourist places. 

  • Shopping:

Many tourists come to Jaipur and want to buy something as a memory. Right. Things you can buy from Jaipur, are Clothes, leather bags and shoes (traditional Rajasthani mojdi), carpets, wooden toys, handmade items, and some antiques. Jaipur is also famous for lac bangles which you can buy from local street markets. For those who like paintings, they can buy it from art shops. 

Markets in Jaipur is well organized so it’s easy to shop in Jaipur. There are specific markets for relevant items.

Markets for shopping:
Near Badi chaupar, Jauhari Bazar, Chandpole, Raisar plaza for electronics, and cloth market near ajmeri gate and Bapu Bazar.

  • Food:

If you are a food lover, then Jaipur is the best place to try something delicious. You can try spicy namkeen, kulhad lassi, kachori or maybe some mouth-watering street food. Kachori is one of the best street food in Jaipur.

Jaipur is also known for sweets. One of the sweet “Ghevar” is famous in Jaipur. This is a sweet cake made of mawa. Street foods like Pani Puri, kachori-samosa, and chole-kulche, are tasty and mostly available at every street corner.

Where to eat:

You can try namkin at the amber town, kulhad lassi on MI road, and try kachori near Rajmandir cinema. A resort, “Chokhi Dhani” is so famous among tourists as it’s themed on a village style traditional resort. It’s a good place to know the rajasthani culture.

  • Theatre:

Watching a movie in a theatre is awesome. Isn’t it? There are many theatres in Jaipur where you can watch movies.
Jaipur has a theatre which is one of the largest theatres in Asia. This is also known as “pride of Asia”. Name of the theatre is “Rajmandir”. This is the oldest and most popular theatres of India.

Rajmandir cinema hall in jaipur rajasthan
Rajmandir cinema hall, jaipur

Play theatres like Ravindra Manch and some others are also good places to watch live plays by some brilliant artists.  This is an amazing place for entertainment in Jaipur.

  • Activities:

The activities tourists can experience in Jaipur are light and sound show at amber, exploring city markets, elephant and camel rides. Other than these, adventurous activities like hot-air-balloon ride also attracts the tourists who have some extra budget to experience the city from the top.

Apart from this, cultural activities including puppet shows, traditional Rajasthani dance are other things to experience in the city. Tour packages can be good options for those who don’t know where to find such activities.

  • Wildlife:

Wildlife parks and zoo are worth to visit. The places to experience wildlife in the city are Jaipur zoo, Nahargarh biological park, Jhalana leopard reserve.

For bird and crane lovers, there are some places like chandlai lake, Nehru bal udhyan, and many more, where diverse species of birds and cranes can be seen.

flamingo at a lake in jaipur
Flamingo at a lake

  • Events:

As Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, different kind of events is being hosted in Jaipur. From past years many cultural, artistic, and other events attract visitors to Jaipur.

Paper lantern festival in jaipur at jalmahal
Paper Lantern Festival
As famous celebrity and artists give a performance, these events can be memorable. Some other public festivals like paper lantern festival, Dussehra festival, and Teej festival are famous,  as it shows religious traditions of Rajasthan.

How to know about such events:

Search on the internet, facebook groups, blogs and also read the local newspaper to know about such public events.

  • Jewellery:

Jaipur is famous for Jewellery. Artists from Jaipur gives a special touch to jewellery designs. Jewellers from Jaipur are famous for fine work. The work and finishing are unique and adorable.  Jauhari bazar is a specific market for jewellery.

These are the most famous top 10 things in Jaipur which every tourist should experience in 2019. After visiting this city, you will find that Jaipur is an awesome place to visit in India.

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