Corona virus is a new kind of virus that is affecting a lot of peoples. The epicenter of this virus is the ‘Wuhan” city of china. But, now it is spreading all countries of the world.

If you are a traveler, you should be careful while traveling to new places. You must follow some safety tips to stay away from corona virus. These are some tips to know.

Our human body can develop antibodies against bacteria and viruses. But, coronavirus is a new family of various viruses. So, our body is not efficient to develop such antibodies. COVID-19, coronavirus disease (2019) has no known vaccine or medicine available until now. So, precaution is the cure for this disease.


  • Avoid visiting crowded places
  • Wear a face mask before you go outdoors
  • Do not shake hands, instead wish “namaste”
  • Wash your hands with handwash or soap
  • Use sanitizer after a regular interval

You do not need to panic from this virus. You can stay safe from corona by following these tips.

Symptoms of Corona Virus

The symptoms of coronavirus are similar to normal flu and swine flu. The most common symptoms are cough, high fever, and cold. If anyone has such symptoms then they must visit the doctor as soon as possible.

corona safety tips
coronavirus safety precautions

What to Do if You Have Such Symptoms

  • Visit a local hospital
  • Take medications and regular tests
  • Quarantine yourself
  • Avoid visiting crowded places

World health organization announced it as pandemic disease, which means that it is spreading all over the world. So, everyone should use some precautions to stay away from this fatal disease.

Visit the WHO official website- WHO

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