Are you wondering about a trip that is full of dense forest and lush-green mountains? Then the north east of India is a complete resolution for your trip. It will actually take you a step closer to heaven and most people used to dream to go on a North East tour in India once in their life because of its natural scenery. 

north east tour india places
Serene views in North East India – Image

If you haven’t experienced it yet then probably, you haven’t experience the North East tour of India. In this article, we will discuss all the places to visit in north east of India. 

North East Tour India Visiting Places

If you are planning a trip then don’t forget to include the village tour in northeast India. Also, trekking in the mountains is another thing to do while visiting north east india.

Enjoy north east tour of India with your family or friends at a peaceful hill station. And exploring the wildlife species sounds much interesting. Isn’t it?

North East India Tourist Places for Nature Lovers


It lies in the Himalayas and also considered a famous hill station of India. Darjeeling is also popular as a summer getaway for foreigners. The thing for which Darjeeling is famous is the tea plantation and the toy trains, which can be interesting for visitors.

If you are a nature lover then visiting Darjeeling may give you some positive vibes. The journey in Himalayan Railways and the toy trains of Darjeeling may be very exciting for tourists. And, some of the places to visit in Darjeeling are Batasia Loop, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, and many other places.


The travelers fall in love with the beauty of this wonderful place. Mostly they love the mountain ranges of Sikkim. These mountain ranges work as shelters for the Pemayangtse Monastery. And also, the most famous among bike riders who surpass through Nathula Pass lies at the Indo-China border.

It does not matter how long your trip was but it will always remain as a visiting place of your North East Itinerary. One of the most exciting places of Sikkim is biking through the Nathula Pass, which lies at 4,300 meters. And, some other must-visit places are Gurudongmar Lake, Rumtek Monastery, Lake Tsomgo, Zemu Glacier, and many more. Sikkim is also a part of seven sisters, which represents the Indian culture and the natural beauty of India. So, it lies among north east India tourist places.

north east india tourist places
Waterfall in Sikkim- Image

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Visit to Kedarnath temple

North East India Tourist Places For Adventure Lovers


This state is popular for the culture and festivals of India. Manipur is the heart of North east India and along with that, it is also known as the land of festivals. Some of the main attractions of Manipur are War Cemetery, Sendra Island, and Keibul Lamjao National Park. Also, visiting the local market of Manipur which is mostly operated by women may be interesting for tourists. And, if you are a foodie, then you may taste Bhut Jolokia, Dal Bhaat, and many more, which are traditional dishes of Manipur.

Arunachal Pradesh

The name Arunachal Pradesh means the land of the dawn-lut Mountains. The whole trip of Arunachal Pradesh takes up to 5 days to explore all the popular tourist places. It lies in the Northeast India tourist places and is considered as the largest state among seven sisters. A

Some of the popular places that you can visit in Arunachal Pradesh are Namdapha National Park, Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, Parasuram Kund, and many more places. The other popular places to explore in this northeast tour are the beauty of Tawang that’s the most favorite among tourists. And, you can also experience trekking in the lush green mountains.

North East India Tour Visiting Places for Couples


As the name suggests, Meghalaya is a state that is completely covered with clouds. It is famous for the cleanliness and maintenance that is done by the local citizens. It is fully loaded with the tourist attractions like cascading waterfalls, caves, and other places to visit.

The scenes of surroundings will make you capture all the things in your camera and memorize them for life. Some of the famous tourist places that you must visit in Meghalaya are Laitlum Canyon and Balpakram National Park. You may also try trekking in the mountains and camping in the Khasi Hills. So, it is also considered among north east India places to visit.


The high mountains and the presence of rivers makes Mizoram a wonderful place. Some tourists come here to fulfill their enthusiasm for adventure. All these things create Mizoram an adventurous place to visit in India. Therefore, if you are an adventure-loving person then you will definitely fall in love with this place.

You can also experience some cultural festivals of North East India by visiting this place. These festivals are the traditional festivals of Mizoram. Some of the places that you can visit are Phawngpui Hills, Murlen National Park, Luangmual Handicrafts Centre, and many more.


This state is fully richer with the flora and fauna ranges and stunning natural views. And, when you take a visit to this place then you get the positive vibes. Tea production is one of the things for which it is famous because of its best quality.

assam tour in north east of India
Wooded bridge in assam Village- Image

Along with the plantation of tea, it also works as the home to one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries of India, Kaziranga National Park. It is also famous as a heaven for most wildlife photographers and wildlife lovers. This is a UNESCO world heritage site that has many wildlife species to explore. So, if you are visiting Assam then you must have to take a visit to this place.


This state is a perfect example of high mountains, exotic valleys, and astonishing nature. Nagaland is one of the famous states of Northeast India, which attracts thousands of tourists every year. You will see different tribes in Nagaland, especially the Naga tribe. This tribe is the local tribe of Nagaland. They are famous for their culture and festivals which portray many interesting things. However, there are many festivals. But, the famous festival of Nagaland is the Hornbill Festival which holds significance in the culture of the Naga people.

This is considered a unique place to visit in north east India tourist places. Some of the visiting tourist places in Nagaland are Touphema Village, Triple Falls, and Veda Peek. Also, you can visit some other places like Kachari Ruins and The war cemetery.


This paradise lies in the heart of North East India. Tripura is not much popular as other tourist places. There are many interesting things to explore in Tripura. The royal palaces and astonishing temples attract tourists to this place. This is also famous as the heaven of art, history, and architecture.

If you have an interest in history then there are many things to explore in Tripura. It holds the beauty that you have never seen in your whole life. Some of the places that you must visit in Tripura are the Rowa wildlife sanctuary, Neermahal, Unakoti Gumti wildlife sanctuary, Jagannath Bari, and some of the museums in Tripura.

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North East India Tour Package

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Things to Know before planning North East India Tour

  • Book your transportation including bus, and flights in advance.
  • Accommodation may be expensive if you book at the last time. So, better to find a good hotel or guest house as per your requirement in advance.
  • If you are planning to book a north east India tour package, then get all details of the itinerary and trip schedule to avoid inconvenience at the time of the trip.

Best Weather for North East India Tour

North East India is covered with high mountains and hill stations. In North east region of India, the weather remains cool throughout the year. However, it becomes extremely cold in the winter season.

When To Visit North East India

You can plan your north east india tour from November to April. But, you may face a high rush during this time. And, the months of May to September are not ideal for visiting this region. So, plan a trip between November to May.

Experience of North East India Tour

This an awesome place if you want to see natural places, wildlife sanctuaries. And, want to know about interesting culture and festivals, then north east India tour will give you a memorable experience. However, it’s a bit far from other places. So, north eastern tourist places are not so popular as others. Even though many tourists visit this region for spending their holidays near nature. So, it’s an amazing place that you must visit in India.

Final Words

We conclude that we have discussed all the famous attractions of the North East India tourist places. After reading this article, you will know all the worth-visiting places in North east India tour. And, if you have any doubts or queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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