Another famous attraction of Delhi, Majnu Ka Tila is a historical tourist place to visit in Delhi. This city is the capital of endless diversity and is loaded with unique places to explore. The population of this city is multiracial, and it has a distinct experience to experience. One such example would be Majnu ka Tila or the hillock of Majnu.

Majnu Ka Tila Delhi
Majnu Ka Tila Markets- Image

Where is Majnu ka Tila

It lies in the northern part of New Delhi, named after the Iranian Sufi mystic Abdulla, nicknamed Majnu. This part of the town has been the heaven for Tibetan refugees from 1959 to 1960, and consequently, it is popular as the Little Tibet of the present time.

This location is very close to Delhi University. As a result, students make up a sizable portion of the tourist population in this area. The market has gift shops, bookshops, curio shops, metalsmiths, a beauty parlor, internet cafes, and travel agencies. This market is full of vibrant Tibetan colors, and the destination is an ocean of affordable merchandise.

At Majnu ka Tila, you can shop everything from shiny traditional wear to top global brands. This place has many hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants. As a result, it attracts admirers of Tibetan culture from all over the world.

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Famous Places to Visit in Delhi

Why It’s Famous For?

It is a popular market among youngsters, especially the students of North Campus, who describe this place as the commercial center in North Delhi. Besides antiques, home decor, clothing, spices, and traditional accessories, Majnu ka Tilla is highly popular for its authentic Tibetan flavors. Also, there are many food stalls that delight every food enthusiast.

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Hill Stations near Delhi

Another major attraction associated with Majnu ka Tila is the numerous Buddhist and Sikh pilgrimages. Devotees from all over the world come to visit the Tibetan monasteries and gurudwaras at this place. Days like Saka Dewa, Losar, and the birthday of the Dalai Lama are the most famous holidays of celebration.

The neighborhood of Majnu Ka Tila is extremely popular with foreign tourists. One can literally describe this place as “heaven” for all the shopaholics. You must stop by this place if you are ever in the northern districts of New Delhi.

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