Mumbai often referred to as the city of dreams which lies on the western coast of India. Adorned with a coastline, the whole, and soul of Mumbai are its people and the local cuisines. In this article, you will know about famous food in Mumbai that tourists must try.

The youth of India sees this city as a land of opportunities. So, they come here with the hope to attain the future they desire. But Is that all Mumbai is? The answer is No. This is a stop in your journey which is the combination of tourist places, and delicious food. So, with the amazing flavors, food in Mumbai is popular all over India.

Famous Food in Mumbai

One of the endless lists of things Mumbai has to offer is the food. This is a paradise for foodies across the world which is widely famous for street food, especially local dishes.

There are many cuisines available in Mumbai which is a result of the diverse population that has migrated here from all over India. Along with food, the culture of this city also attractive. The spicy mouth-watering food in Mumbai will definitely make your Mumbai trip unforgettable.

Vada Pav

Vada pav a famous street food in Mumbai that is a must-try. It has potato stuffing covered with a layer of chickpea flour which is sandwiched between bread(vada). Sounds fancy? Of course! It is one of the cheapest options available.

There is a saying which will tell you all about Vada pav ‘Are Mumbai aake Vada pav nahi khaya to kya khaya?’. What this essentially means is, if you came to Mumbai and didn’t have Vada pav then why did you even come to Mumbai.

Paani Puri

This is a favorite among the local folks. These are little explosions of flavor in your mouth. It has a crunchy outer cover that is filled with mashed potato or pea inside. And, the toppings of tangy chutney and a dash of minty freshwater make it spicy.

Your taste buds will not be sated with one so you get 6 panipuris at a serving. This is also considered as a famous food in Mumbai that you will find at every corner and intersection of this city. Pani-puri is the best spicy food to try in Mumbai.

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The next in line follows Chaat. A whole mélange of snacks falls under this category. Snacks with the toppings of chutney and curd make it amazing. There are various chaat dishes available in this city. These are Kachori, Samosa, and Dahi bada Chaat dishes.

Street Food Corner’s in Mumbai

To satisfy the demand for foodies, there are many places to get these local dishes. So, there are street corners in Mumbai for the quirky foodies, and the ones who are always in search of new dishes. However, these places are sprinkled throughout the city, So, a go-to place for food lovers.

With unconventional combinations and amazing flavors, the street food corners are popular as ‘Khau Galli’s’. It needs no introduction because these are popular street food corners in Mumbai. It is also a conglomeration of flavors for both Vegetarians and Non-vegetarians.

  1. Carter Road Khau Galli
  2. SNDT Khau Galli
  3. Ghatkopar Khau Galli
  4. Mahim Khau Galli
  5. Kharghar Road Khau Galli

Each one of these food corners in Mumbai has something unique to offer, from falafels to momos and shawarmas to dosas. All of these cuisines will make your trip ultimate.

Most of the stalls add their own unique twist to dishes that stand out in the crowd of these streets. After a shopping spree at fashion street, a delicious treat at Girgaon Chaupati over the sunset is one of the moments that make life beautiful. And, a single trip won’t be enough to try it all. These foods will definitely make you come back to try more dishes in Mumbai.

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