Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra which lies in South India. This city is known for the Indian film industry. Visiting Mumbai is an amazing experience because of the many things to do in this city.

Mumbai is located on the shore of the Arabian sea. It makes this city beautiful. The ambiance of blowing wind with the sound of waves makes it an amazing place when you visit the seaside in Mumbai.

Places to Explore While Visiting Mumbai

Mumbai is a city famous for tourism. There are temples, historical places, and beaches in this city. However, there are many other things to do like adventurous activities and many more.

There are numerous tourist places including Ajanta caves, Gateway of India, and beaches in Mumbai. Elora caves and victoria terminus are UNESCO world heritage sites of this city.

Mumbai Beaches
A Seaside in Mumbai

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This is one of the most populated cities in India. There is diversity from large sky-touching buildings to slums. Most of the people living in the city belong to middle-class families. Dharavi is one of the largest slum areas in Mumbai.

The city bus and market are overcrowded in this city. You can also experience crowded local trains in Mumbai. This is the city of artists and fun lovers. And also known for Mafia and gangsters. You already know better if you watch Bollywood films!


The culture of Mumbai is unique in language, food, dress, arts, religion, and festivals. The language that Mumbaikars speak is Marathi. Marathi peoples have faith in religion. They follow the Hindu religion mostly. Marathi cuisines have a blend of non-veg dishes.

Large buildings in mumbai
This is Mumbai!

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Local Experiences

  • Travel by local train
  • Visit street markets
  • Tourist places – Historical, temples and beaches
  • Experience Marathi cuisines
  • Movie and theatre shows

These are the things you can experience while visiting this city. It is undoubtedly an amazing place to visit in India.

Tips before vising Mumbai-

These are some tips you can keep in mind before visiting this city. Follow these tips to travel safely.

  • Be aware of pickpocketers
  • Don’t trust anyone except yourself

You can buy a holiday package or even plan your trip on your own. There are many tour operators available that provide you with travel packages. But, it may be expensive if your budget is low. So, you can book your trips with us to save money.

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