You can easily travel from Ahmedabad to Mumbai by trains. It is considered the most comfortable journey for travellers. There are express trains and local trains. Also, special trains between Ahmedabad and Mumbai makes the trip easy. The total journey takes 6 to 8 hours depending upon the train. Tejas express (82902) is the fastest train which runs from Mumbai to Ahmedabad.

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Here is the list of Ahmedabad to Mumbai trains with respective details and information.

Details of Ahmedabad to Mumbai by Train

TrainTrain No.DepartureArrivalTime
ADI DDR SPL0920210:50 PM5:23 AM6 hour33 mins
ADI BDTS SUP SPL0903008:45 PM4:25 AM7hour40mins
ARAVALI FEST SPL0970810:10 PM5:18 AM7hour8min
VRL BDTS SPL092188:05 PM4:37 AM8hour32min
BHUJ DDR SPL091165:30AM1:02 PM7 hour32min

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ahmedabad to mumbai by train
An awesome view of the city

FAQ’s for Ahmedabad to Mumbai by Train Booking

Q1. How many Covid Special trains are running between Ahmedabad to Mumbai ?

There are total 58 trains are running on this route.

Q2. Which is the 1st train that runs on this route?

BDTS G RATH SPL(02215) is the first train that departs from Ahmedabad at 12.50AM

Q3. Which is the last train that runs between Ahmedabad to Mumbai?

BVC BDTS SF SPL(02972) is the last train and it departs from Ahmedabad at 11.59 PM.

Q4. What is the travel distance between Ahmedabad to Mumbai?

The travel distance of this route is 423 KM and it takes max 8 hours to reach Mumbai.

Q5. How many trains run on a weekly basis between Ahmedabad to Mumbai route?

Total 54 trains run on a weekly basis on this route.

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Tourist Places in Ahmedabad

About Ahmedabad

Being the fifth largest city of India, Ahmedabad is also known as Karnavati that is the popular city of western state Gujarat. This city lies on the bay of river Sabarmati. Ahmedabad is one of the smart cities of India. Ahmedabad is also popular for textile and cloth design.

Places to visit in Ahmedabad

Tourist Places in Mumbai

About Mumbai

Mumbai is the most popular city of India. It is situated on the west coast of India. It’s famous for film industry, textiles, tourism and many more. This city is the landmark for the Bollywood film industry and “city of dreams“. Also, the financial center of India lies in Mumbai.

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