hawa mahal in jaipur

Hawa Mahal is a Palace in Jaipur which is famous for its stunning architecture. It shows the heritage and unique style of Rajasthan.


Hawa Mahal was built by Maharaja Pratap Singh in 1799. It is popular as the wind palace.


It has a unique architecture. This is a UNESCO heritage site that is in the Rajput-Islamic style. The carvings on the stone are attractive. It has miniature windows that allow the passage of cool air.

This is in the shape of the crown of Hindu god Krishna. It is a five-story palace which has 953 windows.

Streets of jaipur at hawa mahal
View of Hawa Mahal

Personal Experience:

After taking the tickets, I headed inside. It has different floors with the views of the city from its top.

Firstly, I see the courtyard of the palace with a fountain. Secondly, I headed through the stairs to the first floor. The colorful windows in this palace is a thing of attraction. There are mini windows which give cool air.

If you want to take some good pictures of this place, visit a cafe which is in front of this place.

Snake show at hawa mahal


The entry ticket for Indian tourists is 50 rupees. For foreigner tourists, the ticket to visit Hawa mahal is 100 rupees.


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  • Keep water bottle
  • Follow the rules

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