Hampta Pass Trek is a popular trekking route in Himachal Pradesh that lies in the Himalayas mountains. In this travel guide, you will know about Hampta pass route map before you plan a trip. It has magnificent landscapes that attract tourists. And, once reaching the highest peak of Hampta Pass, you’re invited to a gap of a unique universe. The beauty all around this pass is worth exploring.

Trekking Route(Hampta Pass Trek Map)

hampta pass trek
On the way to Hampta trek

The Hampta Pass starts from Manali. From there, you have to reach Jobra, and then to Chika set at a height of 10,100 feet. Trekking is all about the journey, it gives you a lot of beautiful experiences. This pass is jam-packed with irresistible landscapes. Also, the route has many other things in the surroundings to explore.

During the trekking, you will see the valley that surrounds by flowers. And, what makes it exciting are the gradual slopes till you reach the Hampta Pass through the trekking route. And, then you can spend some time in Hampta Village to discover the serene calmness. The awe-inspiring views of the mountains inspire you to trek the Hampta Pass. And, then you reach the peak of 14,100ft.

Itinerary of Hampta Pass Trek

You can go for Hampta Pass Trek with one of the best travel platforms in India. The whole experience is fantastically driven by well-trained guides for tourists. The team will assist you in allotting your dome tents for every night to stay problem-free. So, you’ll be able to experience the places while not getting into operational stuff.

The tranquillity and stillness of the beautiful mountains will give you an ineffable feeling. Are you planning a trekking trip?

The Trail to Hampta Pass Trek

Crossing over from the views of the lush-green landscapes, one reaches the highest of the Hampta Pass by Manali. Hampta Pass Trek has breathless views which may be attractive to anyone who visits this amazing place. These landscapes give a pleasant view from the lush-green Kullu to the arid and barren mountains of the Lahaul.

hampta pass trekking views from village
Feel the vibes!

This trek is comparatively easier than most of the treks in Himachal Pradesh, making it the most popular trekking route in India. However, one still needs some preparation to reach as high as 14000 feet all through the trek.

It is full of surprises, and with every step, you will get to know something new to explore on the way. The serene views will ask you to stay here forever. Its clean and pure atmosphere will make you feel so relaxed. This place with stunning views will make you fall in love. Also, there is a saying, “The journey was a surreal dream”.

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Just imagine it with the special people of your life, it will definitely be a great trekking journey. And, you will find that the gorgeous views during trekking through this pass will give you unforgettable memories.

Hampta Pass Trek Route Map

If you are planning for trekking on this route, then it will give you a perfect experience. This is the Hampta pass trek route map, which you can follow to view the magnificent views and feel the adventurous trekking.

hampta pass trek route map
route map of hampta pass trek-source

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Hampta Pass Tour Package

Tour Booking

FAQs on Hampta Pass Trek

Q1. How to plan for a trekking trip?

You can plan after proper research about a location, weather conditions, route, and as per need. Also, taking help from a local or professional is the best thing you can do.

Q2. How far is it from Manali?

It is 100 kilometers from Manali.

Q3. Which season is the best for trekking in North India?

You can do trekking as per the weather conditions of a location. However, autumn is the best season for trekking the Himalayas.

Q4. Which gear do I need for trekking in Hampta Pass?

Please contact us for support on your trip.

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