Let’s find out the cost of living in India with our easy tool.

Find Cost of Living in India

How Much is Cost of Living in India?

The cost varies as per the living standard of an individual. So, it will vary slightly. We can only provide estimate which is common to all individuals. By using this tool, you can get an approx idea of expenses before shifting to a city.

Also, we provide package tours in India starting at affordable prices. So, let’s book a trip to India or simply reach us to get a roadmap before travelling in India.

Which is the Most Affordable City in India?

There are many affordable cities where you can shift or go for travelling. Usually, tier 1 cities are most costly in terms of housing and other expenses. While, tier 2 are a bit cheaper than tier 2 cities. But, if you are looking for the most affordable cities to know lowest living cost. Then, tier 3 cities are perfect for you.

You can find easy transportation and housing options at affordable rates if you shift to tier 3 cities of India.

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