Everyone is uncomfortable by the fear of corona virus which is spreading across world. Peoples are staying at home because this disease have no medicine available. Corona is affecting lives of the whole world.

My hometown is bhilwara city in Rajasthan state of India. It is also famous as textile city of Rajasthan because of large production of textiles. But, these days, due to wide spread of corona virus in our city, all industries and markets have shut-down. It is affecting loss to everyone including students, businesses, and even those who earn daily wages.

Just before a few weeks, I went on a visit to a lake which is popular for wildlife species. It was the last time, I was outdoors. After that day, We are staying in our homes with fear of corona virus.

Curfew has been imposed in the whole city. So, no one can go outside. I accept that it will keep us safe from spread of corona virus. But, we don’t know how much time it will take to make the situation normal.

alone boy on streets
Alone boy on the street

Can We Stay Safe

Social-distancing is must to avoid spread of CoViD-19. However it is also affecting our daily life. Everyone is following the safety rules and tips. Even they are supporting the curfew and contribution of medical and administration department.

No matter if corona virus was developed by a laboratory test or by any animal, It has bent the knees of whole world. It has killed innocent peoples of different coutries including china, italy, and many more.

India Against Corona

India is one step ahead of preparation in terms of awareness. Government is trying best to aware peoples about infection of novel covid-19. However, the condition of medical equipments, doctors, and necessary technology which is essential for treatment of such fatal disease is not sufficient.

Staying at home is also good as we can give time to our family. Home-stay is not bad at all. Listening music, watching a movie and book reading are the things that I do. We can enjoy this time with our family.

The condition will become normal but, we need patience to stay home. Social distancing is the only treatment that is available to fight against corona virus.

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